How US Presidential Candidates Leverage the Power of Video

Power of Video

The U.S. presidential elections will end in just a matter of days now. The candidates have used the power of video to show that their plan for future leadership is the one voters should opt for. Even if we consider the election hype tiresome, the impression the campaigns have left on the people will stay with them long after the outcome is determined. Businesses could learn a few valuable lessons from the interesting promotional ideas created out of this unique political contest.

Cover the Election

Whether you own a small, home-based business or a large company, covering the election should be your top marketing priority. You may consider finding a way to link your brand or a service to the endless issues the presidential nominees have brought up.

If the majority of your targeted audience comes from the English-speaking countries, you can be sure that your content will be seen. First of all, make sure you’ve planned everything. Prior to publishing the video, develop a strong script, use quality equipment and find a videographer. A well-made video with have all this plus the right timing.

Ways Politicians Use the Power of Video

The media covers the candidates’ every move, so they have to be careful to get the publicity they need to reach the voters. Sometimes they’ll hold a press conference to announce some important political plan. Even though that plan may not be something new, they cleverly used the power of video in the election mania to turn the tables in their favor.


The other option is to be present on social media. The U.S. elections are trending all over the social media platforms. They know this is the way to reach a majority of voters without having to set up a conference or a public speech.

After you’ve made your politically-charged video, upload it to social media and to your brand’s website. Write all the relevant hashtags. As a result of this technique, the circle of your targeted public grow.

Power of Video

How to Leverage the Livestreaming Trend

People tend to believe the firsthand and up-to-the-minute information they hear and see in a video. The U.S. presidential campaigns are full of live videos from the candidates, including all three presidential debates.

You can use this idea and try making a debate-like presentation and stream it live. Make use of a live streaming platform like Livestream or Ustream. If you’re new to livestream video be sure to visit DaCast’s tips to improving livestream videos.

Make Sure Your Content Is Easy to Share

Politicians probably wouldn’t have the same chances of being noticed without a few million followers on social media accounts. Your chances of getting as many followers are slim. But engaging a wider public can be an easier task than you may think it would be.


Therefore, the video content you post online has to be captivating, fresh and easy to share. Hence your potential customers should have the option to follow the brand directly from your website. Do that by adding call to action buttons and hot-linked buttons.


The U.S. presidential race is coming to its finish. We saw a great  number of businesses who took the chance to market their brand in the political spotlight. If your Presidential video idea is still in its initial stage, better hurry up so you, too, can use the power of video to advertise your business while the election craze is at its peak.