Generate Leads for Your Business with Video

Generate More Leads for Your Business with Video

You already know that video is appealing, interesting, and can cause quite a buzz. But did you know that video can also be one of the most effective ways to generate leads? Believe it or not,  72% of B2B buyers watch videos throughout their entire path to purchase! Whether you are a newbie to lead generation, or already using this marketing strategy, the info below will be useful for every entrepreneur. So, what are we waiting for?

Choose the Most Interesting Video

If your video is boring, it is unlikely that someone will watch it to the end and a purchase is out of the question. Furthermore, uninteresting and poor quality video may adversely affect the reputation of your product or your company, even if you will follow all the steps strictly. Videos must excite the audience from the beginning, have a clear goal, and HD resolution with high-quality sound.

Tip: If you already have video material, choose the most interesting. If not, write a plot and hire an director. Valoso can help you to do all the rest!

Create a Video Landing Page

This is a great way to inspire confidence in clients and convince them to buy your goods. You can ask: Are your competitors using YouTube videos and social media videos? Of course, they are. But! A video landing page is not as common and is substantially free of distractions (such as sided links, ads, and navigation bar). Moreover, video landing pages allow you to place the contact form, the order form, and so on. Sounds good?

Tip: Find a balance between the visual component and text. The video is an important part of the landing page, but not the only one.

Call to Action. Obligatorily.

Fantastic! You have created a video landing page. Let us imagine that Ronald just watched it. But he suddenly left your website and went back to chatting on Facebook. What is wrong? There is no call to action in video. Ron watched it, it is of interest, and he is ready to buy your product, and here there is one significant BUT. The client simply does not understand what he needs to do to buy your product. This mistake is the most serious and critical. Tell Ron what he has to do: where to call, how to write, where to come, and so on.

Tip: Advise the visitor to respond immediately. This is a direct response standard. Do not give people a chance to linger and reflect, because they forget to think about it in two minutes.

Generate Leads with Video Testimonials

This is another way  to build customer trust and generate leads. The review of the product by the ordinary user can be more impressive and genuine than your video. Fellow consumers affect the customer as much if not more than the company affects the customer. Besides, it is very easy to collect a bunch of video reviews: make a post on a social network or offer a discount on the next purchase for those who create a video review for you.

Generate Leads for Your Business with Video

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Tip: Video review is socialized video. Promote it on social networks.

Follow these simple tips and generate more leads with your videos! You can find more ideas on how to create and use videos on our Valoso blog. Good luck!

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