Is Wistia the Next Best Thing For Online Video Lead Generation?

wistia service

Internet marketers use a variety of complex methods to generate more leads. And it’s not a secret for anyone that video content is one of the best ways to do that! In this article, we will tell you about the Wistia service. This online lead generation platform was founded in 2006, but began to gain popularity only recently, along with the increasing demand for video marketing.

What Can Wistia Do?

By and large, Wistia is a video hosting company that has a huge number of functions and analytical capabilities. After uploading video files on hosting, the user can configure a number of parameters:

    • Color gamma of the player
    • The thumbnail
    • Video controls
    • The ability to autorun
    • Setting of the shaving
    • Password protection of the video
    • The sequence of the video
    • Subtitles
    • The appearance of interactive elements (links, contacts, etc.)
    • Also, there is a Wistia live streaming service

After Video Uploading, the User Can:

      • Share in social networks
      • Add video to an email list
      • Embed it on a website
      • View stats

For example, for Wistia social sharing, it is enough just to post the link that the service generates (like YouTube). Likewise, Wistia service creates a code to insert video into the site or use it in an email distribution. Like this:

Welcome to Wistia!

What Data Does Wistia Service Collect?

After the first views, the statistics for each video appear:

      • Average percentage of video viewing
      • Total number of views
      • Conversion to views
      • Conversion into actions

Also, the service offers detailed statistics for each user (for identified, on a separate page):

      • Stats on gender and age
      • Location
      • Types of devices for watching
      • IP address
      • Email
      • Percentage of views
      • Whether the targeted action is committed

Wistia Pricing

The user can test the service for free on three videos without any limitations on the functionality. The Wistia branding on player will be in the bottom corner of the video. To remove the logo, the user should pay 100$ per month: 150 paid videos can be set up on a paid tariff. There is a premium rate in which automation is available, more video, API, but its exact cost is unknown ($300 and above).

In addition, the service imposes restrictions on the amount of memory that your video takes monthly – 200 GB. You will have to pay $0.33 for every gigabyte over. But Wistia representatives says that 200 GB per month is enough for 95% of users for their lead generation digital marketing.

Wistia vs. YouTube

It is difficult to say whether a paid account in Wistia is justified on an ongoing basis. Wistia is useful as a minimum for expanding the client base. Also, it offers much more analytical information,, which is especially necessary for developed companies.wistia service

Image Credit: Michigan Creative

In turn, YouTube is more popular. And of course, it’s free. Therefore, for many start-ups, YouTube will be more suitable than their Wistia competitors. In the future, each company may consider Wistia service as an additional lead generation software.


Advantages of Wistia

      • Turns a video into a lead channel
      • Analyzes user interaction with video
      • Gets information about users including from their accounts in social networks. And this is another opportunity for your managers to contact potential customers
      • Does not require a thoughtful strategy (unlike YouTube)

Disadvantages of Wistia

      • Paid service
      • Designed exclusively for service companies but not for ordinary users
      • Wistia is inferior to YouTube in popularity

In general, we examined the essence of Wistia video hosting, its advantages and disadvantages, and the main differences from YouTube. As you can see, Wistia is a professional service that suits developed companies. They can use it for a lead generation business plan. If you are a beginner, you can limit yourself to YouTube. Either way, Valoso is here to provide you with an international pool of professional videographers and video editors. Simply sign up below.

wistia service