85% of Marketers Confirm: Video Marketing Efforts Have a Positive ROI

video marketing efforts

Well, 84.9%, to be exact. Video marketing efforts can significantly lead a business to success. Nowadays, developing a video marketing strategy is crucial for any business in order to flourish. Because digital media has become the most effective method of communication among consumers, top video marketers are spotting the trend and clinging to it.

A positive Return on Investment (ROI) with video marketing is all but guaranteed because of video’s versatility as a medium. No matter what your niche, mission statement or marketing plan, video can help you achieve your goals. Let’s look into the proven statistics that support this position and discuss strategies your business can use to reach a rewarding video content ROI.

Investing In Video Marketing Pays Off

video marketing efforts

More businesses are investing their marketing efforts into producing and promoting videos rather than other endeavors. Video is flooding into every aspect of consumers’ lives, and an increasing number of major social networks are adding video uploading and sharing features to their platforms.

The growth that video can provide for a business is undeniable, and there are many ways it can be used. Producing a video for your business can be a dynamic endeavor to enhance multiple facets of your brand. According to a study by Firebrand Group, successful businesses are exercising their video marketing efforts with five main objectives:

  • 90.6% of marketers use video for brand awareness
  • 56.7% of marketers use video to drive conversions
  • 42.7% of marketers use video to support sales
  • 42.7% of marketers use video for customer loyalty
  • 16.1% of marketers use video for customer service

The effects of implementing video within these categories include a positive brand perception, augmented communication and transparency, and a stronger sales campaign. One aspect that makes videos so potent is their call-to-actions (CTA’s). Successfully integrating a CTA, or multiple CTAs, within a video boosts a positive online video ROI.

When audiences watch videos, they are able to see what your business is all about. If you create a friendly and engaging pitch, audiences will notice and they will act. This is where your video ROI originates: the amount of viewers that you captivate and convince to carry out your CTA. When crafting your CTA, remember to be creative and down-to-earth in order to connect with your audience and engage them.

How To Boost Your Business’s Video Marketing Efforts

video marketing efforts

Investing in video is profitable; there is no denying it. From the same study it was shared that, “organizations looking to futureproof themselves, need to be aware that generating a positive ROI off of video will not always be as certain as it is now.” Did you catch that? If you want to “futureproof” your business, you have to do it now! Catching onto a trend at its peak is the key to locking into its lucrative potential.

One aspect to consider is which platform is best to focus your video marketing efforts on. Although many people’s knee-jerk response to this query is YouTube, other social networks may be more effective. In fact, Facebook accounted for 83.3% of the satisfactory ROI marketers experiences in their video marketing campaigns – over four times the effect YouTube showed.

Keep in mind, not all businesses that produce video do so successfully. This is because their videos do not stand out. As the video industry becomes even more crowded, getting people to watch your video may become as difficult as it is to get them to view your website or read your article over others in your niche. Putting genuine effort into your videos, however, allows traffic and promotion to be a nonissue.

Quality Is Key: How We Can Help

video marketing efforts

High quality videography is one of the most influential factors in making or breaking a video. Firebrand Group also adds: “Within the year, it will not be possible to stand out by producing low-quality content. Editing, on the whole, makes a video feel far more kinetic and engaging.” Another element for improving a video’s quality is having the right equipment.

If your business cannot afford to purchase or learn how to navigate professional filming equipment such as a video camera, microphone and lighting, then hiring a professional videographer is a much more efficient option. Similarly, purchasing and learning how to use professional video editing software can be a lengthy and unnecessary expense.

The better alternative is hiring out the work to skilled professionals who care about the success of your video marketing efforts. Unfortunately, 34% of businesses believe finding experienced videographers is a difficult process. However, Valoso allows businesses to create cutting-edge, attention-grabbing videos without the hassle by hiring freelancers from an international pool of video experts. Visit the Valoso homepage to read more about its services and start planning your next video.