What Is Event Marketing and Why Should You Care?

event marketing

Event marketing sounds like a mundane task, but the surrounding reality is changing every day. Competitors are coming up with new moves, and potential consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their passions. This is where effective event marketing comes into play.

Two fundamental aspects characterize the modern market: mass production and mass consumption. To ensure the mass consumption of their products, manufacturers resort to the help of mass advertising. But is this enough? One study shares that 89% of all advertisements go unnoticed.

event marketing

For your event marketing advertising strategy to be effective, you must stand out from the 90%! This is where a new marketing strategy could save your event, the main component of which is client orientation.

Instead of drowning your potential clients with advertising and trying to force them to consume goods and services, give them a break. Give your audience a sense of freedom that none of your competing brands provides. Event marketing is the perfect way to achieve this feeling because events are all about interacting with the client.

Adjust your services based on their needs. Anticipate what they want next, and share your ambitions with them. Don’t force them to consume; persuade them to enjoy!

The Essence of Event Marketing

Event marketing was invented to solve such problems. Hosting an event for your clients and potential consumers is like giving them a holiday. In this setting, you can promote the idea of consuming a particular product or service in a bright and memorable way.

When well-known techniques are not working for your business, incorporate events into your strategy. The event marketing industry strives for new ways to get closer to the target audience and get them to listen.

Gift marketing also plays a role here. At events, you can present your goods and services as a gift. Although coupons and discounts are enticing, providing attendees with free samples or trials of your products is a more effective way to hook them in.

event marketing

The return on investment is well-worth the cost of digging into your target market. Instead of advertising, focus on gifting. This style of marketing allows you to grab a demanding and fed-up audience by surprise.

Like with any marketing strategy, there are some pitfalls. Mistakes can be made, and customers can be lost in this risky endeavor. You may find the cost of hosting an event to simply be too hefty for your company. Your attendees may lack interest and leave early.

These roadblocks can be overcome at an individual business level. An uninterested audience signifies an uninteresting event or poor target marketing. A tight budget can be opened up with some frugality and re-budgeting. Whatever the problem, redefine your goals and reevaluate your event marketing plan.

You should not forget that event marketing is a way of delivering an advertising message and pursuing its objectives. Feel free to review these principles in our article, “Why Your Company Should Organize a Business Event”:

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Three Main Types of Events

1. Trade Events

Trade events are designed for partners, customers, dealers, and distributors. This style of event includes conferences, presentations, receptions, seminars, forums, summits, and so on. Trade shows are also known as exhibitions or showcases.

The purpose of organizing such events is to present the goods to clearly demonstrate their merits. Also, event marketing companies organize trade events with the aim of presenting new services, sharing experiences, finding new strategic partners, etc.

2. Corporate Events

Corporate events provide a unique opportunity to bring a company’s ideas directly to its employees. They can also serve as an effective tool for external marketing because you can always invite your clients and partners. With these event marketing solutions, you will ensure the loyalty of the invitees, and laud their importance.

Corporate events include company anniversaries, employee birthdays, parties, holiday celebrations, etc. Events can greatly aid in building a corporate culture. Plus, a united team is a crucial ingredient in the recipe of a successful business. Corporate events can also be held virtually, such as through Skype:

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3. Special Events

This includes all kinds of festivals, concerts, shows, runs, mass events, and road shows. This is a complex of events that have a beneficial effect on your image. Hosting a special event can relieve stress for your audience and also give your brand proper attention.

The function of special events is to generate a positive reaction from your target audience. For example, charitable programs often host special events to build a social image and reach their goals. Only plan activities that will interest your consumers.

Wrap Up

In connection with the growing popularity of event marketing, the demand for event management and marketing professionals is extremely high. Every good event manager needs a seasoned videography team to tackle a company’s video marketing efforts.

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