Why TextFrame Videos Are All The Rage Right Now

Video is slowly, but surely taking over the world. The marketing world, that is. The new TextFrame videos are one of the many pieces of the puzzle that is your video marketing strategy.

Let’s start with what TextFrame videos are: remember scrolling down your news feed and seeing videos framed by boxes of text, usually giving a hint what the video is about? Bingo! Those video frames are the most essential part of TextFrame videos – as their name suggests!

Initially used by regular consumers, they are already on the radar of marketers and business owners as the next big thing. The best part is that you have plenty of text frame options – you just have to choose something that matches the tone and colors of your video.

It’s time to take a look why they’ve been growing in popularity lately – and why you should consider giving them a shot.

TextFrame videos grab attention immediately

Every social media channel we’re on is incredibly cluttered: from photos to birthday congratulations, long status updates and, most importantly: videos. We’re so used to scrolling right passed their autoplays, because they don’t typically manage to grab our attention right from the start. We don’t spend more than a second before scrolling further down. Text changes that: our brain immediately recognizes it and we want to read it and find out what it says.

Then, we become curious to how it relates to the video it’s framing.

No introduction needed

One of the main advantages of TextFrame videos is that you can write what the video is about and continue where you left off – without any unnecessary introductions. Let’s not forget that people prefer shorter videos: our attention span is getting smaller and smaller. Videos that are under a minute do very well, but it’s often hard to be so concise when you need to introduce the topic of the video first.

Instant value

Every piece of content we create should offer some sort of value to the people who see it. TextFrame videos offer direct value, because people can immediately see whether the video falls under their area of interest or not. For instance, I’ve opened hundreds of videos that looked like interesting food recipes, but turned out to be someone talking about quinoa or buckwheat. Remember: your audience doesn’t like to be tricked! Offer them a choice – you don’t want irrelevant video views anyway!

Don’t get us wrong: we love every type of video out there. However, if you really want your videos to pop out in your consumer’s minds, don’t forget they need to be very well edited. Nobody wants to be notorious for amateurish videos, right?

textframe videos

The best part: you don’t have to wonder about how to make TextFrame videos. This is where we come in. By posting your project on our website you’re ensuring that your audience gets a quality end product: whether it’s a cat video or a product review. Be creative and leave the rest to us!

We haven’t had any complaints so far – and we’re big fans of TextFrame videos.