Facebook is Going to Launch Twenty “TV” Shows

facebook show

Facebook has been actively investing in the popularization of video on its own platform for the last few years. But while live broadcasts and news videos are already typical content for this social network, there are not so many video blogs and shows. You can find plenty on YouTube but you won’t find one Facebook show in the Zuckerberg media arena. Yet.

What Does Facebook Currently Have?

Facebook is now actively preparing to launch two dozen of its own shows that will look “like television.” And they do not regret spending money on this. Some “TV” shows will be simple and inexpensive in production. For others, the social network has already planned shooting with some of the most popular celebrities.

Facebook has already found their first partner – one of the world’s largest media companies – called Conde Nast. It will help with the production of one Facebook show. Facebook is also looking for other partners who can help with the production of video content, but nothing else is known about strategic cooperation so far. Moreover, the social network has already recruited two people who previously experienced the launch of television shows. Namely, Mina Lefevre (MTV executive) and Ricky Van Veen (co-founder of CollegeHumor). They will help in the preparation for launching projects and planning the grid.

“I have always been drawn to the idea of building something and the idea of being part of the team that helps build Facebook’s original content ecosystem… well, that just seems like a dream!” Lefevre said Wednesday in a post on Facebook.

Facebook show

Image Credit: Variety

Facebook’s representatives declined to comment, referring to their past statements. They have indicated that the company really invests in supporting and popularizing its own video content. By no means is Facebook the only company that creates video independently. The other day it became known that YouTube also will release its own show, receiving support from American celebrities. In addition to this, Amazon recently has been making its own series and films. And Netflix invests $1 billion in the production of its own content. By the way, both Netflix and Amazon were previously granted the highest award in the film industry, an Oscar, for their efforts.

Creating a Facebook Show Is Not All That’s Going On..

Well, Zuckerberg it seems has really decided to take over the world. Development of artificial intelligence and drones, the purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp, large investments in the development of solar energy and virtual reality… And now Facebook is conquering the TV show industry. As always, the social network spares no effort to achieve its goals. We can sit back and imagine what creative projects Zuckerberg will soon be producing. But competitors will certainly not be sitting back. We can expect the emergence of a new supercompetitive TV show industry in social media. And of course, a new space for video advertising.

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