iPhone 8 Video Camera: What The Future of Mobile Video Looks Like

iPhone 8 video

The iPhone 8 release date isn’t until September 2017, but consumers everywhere are highly anticipating its arrival. Although we don’t know all of the iPhone 8 video specs yet, some iPhone 8 camera rumors may reveal whether or not this smartphone is ideal for shooting videos.

iPhone 8 Video Camera Features

iPhone 8 camera specs plan on incorporating 3D facial recognition. Apple aims to drop Touch ID and move to more advanced security techniques. The front-facing camera will use transmitting and receiving modules to detect the location and depth of objects.

Users will be able to snap 3D selfies of themselves. This could be used for social media or virtual reality purposes, such as creating avatars in video games.

iPhone 8 video

An iPhone with this kind of capacity, though, may be capable of much more than just 3D facial detection. In fact, iris scanning is one of the predicted iPhone 8 features. Even though iris recognition sounds like it’s from a sci-fi movie set hundreds of years in the future, this technology may be available to us within the next several months.

Additionally, this kind of camera technology foreshadows greater incorporation of virtual reality in mobile devices. Many VR gamers are looking forward to the iPhone 8 in hopes that it will make mobile gaming more virtually interactive.

With a 3D imaging camera, social media users may also be able to create more augmented reality videos with ease. As for now, 3D imaging technology will probably only be available on the front-facing camera of the iPhone 8.

However, future iPhones may include similar technology for the rear-facing camera. This would open up more options for mobile VR including object identification, 3D pictures and videos, and VR gaming enhancement.

Shooting Videos with the iPhone 8

The iPhone 7 Plus introduced dual, rear-facing cameras to add depth and quality to photos and videos. Almost all iPhone 8 rumors predict a dual-lens rear camera. The iPhone 8 design will also likely incorporate an OLED display. This means viewing videos on your phone will be more efficient and at a higher resolution.

With almost any brand of smartphone, each model adds new features and technology every year that simply make it better. The same is expected of the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 video quality expects to exceed that of the iPhone 7. Because social video is all the hub nowadays, Apple is always looking for ways to improve its video-capturing technology.

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