Reach the Top 3 on YouTube Search Results With 7 Simple Steps

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Do you want to make your content easy to find in the first days following publication? Maybe you’re thinking that getting to the first page of search results is close to impossible. In fact, the secret of video optimization is easy. By using specific optimization techniques, your results will come quickly. So, how exactly do you get to the top of YouTube search results?

1. How To Choose a Hot Topic for Video Optimization

Did you decide what kind of video you want to create? If you find it difficult to decide, go to the Trend Section on YouTube: open the menu in the upper left corner near the YouTube icon and select the desired tab. There’s quite a variety of topics, but you can take an idea and apply it from the point of view of your niche. It is fresh and interesting. Or you can go to the recommended videos on the main page. They can give you many ideas, too. Implement them into your style, so as not to copy other people’s ideas.

how to get to the top of YouTube search results

Now pick up the keywords for your title and description using Google Keyword Planner and through YouTube Search autofill. Keywords determined through these methods will advance the video.

2. Analyze Your Competitors

Put your keywords in the search field and then analyze what option headers are popular. Open multiple clips, look at the content they contain, continue to research. Creating a video on the same subject but with an altogether different flavor is advantageous.

Read comments by viewers at your competitors’ sites and pick up on any questions or suggestions they may have. Pay special attention to questions without answers. Create a video on this topic including a brief, go back and write a brief response. In this way, you attract attention to your new video.

3. Determine the Optimal Length of YouTube Video

Video length optimization depends on several factors:

  • Preferences of your target audience. Look at the statistics. What is the total duration of the views in general and for individual videos?
  • Study your competition. How long are their most popular videos? For example, it is desirable to create commercials with 1-2 minutes, training videos – 5-10 minutes depending on the topic.

4. Create Quality Content

In fact, video optimization for YouTube starts with the content. You can spend time and money to get to the top of video search. But if the video quality is less than ideal, viewers will close the page immediately. You have about 20 seconds to interest the viewer into watching your entire masterpiece. Therefore, always start off with a bang. But that is not all…

What should you pay attention to?

5. Video Publishing

The most important element of video search optimization is in the details. By neglecting any of the description fields during the publication, you may lose potential viewers. They just will not be able to find you. Therefore, when you add a video, fill in the following fields, being careful to include your keywords:

  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Tags
  • Additional fields
  • Subtitles

Pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Title. Everything is simple – use a researched keyword phrase and be consistent with it across the rest of your description fields.
  • Description. Use long text. Try not to repeat what you are saying in the video. The more description, the more organic keyword combinations you create. This means that the video can be found via a variety of different requests. Cool, right?
  • Follow through. In your video, repeat the first sentence of the key phrase, written in the header. Use hashtags and add links to other videos on your channel.
  • Thumbnail. Add your own picture. Firstly, people look at the picture and then watch the video. The correct thumbnail that is in tune with the theme of your video increases the number of clicks. Choose a high-quality image, which is clearly visible even in miniature. Add text – your headline using a single style.

6. Share the Video

The main task of YouTube video search engine optimization is to get the maximum number of views in the first days after the publication. If you succeed, your video will actively promote itself on YouTube. What do you have to do? Immediately after the publication:

    • Share the video on all social networks multiple times, where ever you have accounts. Even if there are no friends or a deathly silence. The more backlinks, the more loyal YouTube is to you.
    • Publish the video or a link in discussion forums. Don’t forget about video promotion on Facebook.
    • Ask your friends and collaborators to share the video if you have a similar target audience.

7. Keep Track of the Number of Subscribers

Subscribers are your goal assets. They are among the first to receive a notification about adding new videos. The more subscribers you have, the more views you get in the first few hours, and the chances of getting into the TOP increase.

And Finally…

In addition to all the YouTube video optimization tips outlined above, here is one of the most important tips: publish videos consistently and as constantly as possible. Select the frequency with which you would upload a new video. For example, once a week or twice. And try to stick to that schedule because the effect of all these steps will be minimal if you publish the video only once a month or every six months. YouTube promotes channels that have content which is continuously updated.

Start using one or all of these video optimization strategies today so that your video is featured high in Google and YouTube searches. Stay in touch with us here at Valoso to receive all the latest video marketing tips and trends. Simply sign in below.

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