How to Unlock More Conversions with Your Event Promo Videos

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Good event promo videos may not reach the highest number of views, but they make an impact on the viewers they do reach. However, you may find it difficult to convert views to customers with your videos.

The ideal event promo video template hooks the audience, magnifies the event, and converts the viewer. The perfect conversion is a new loyal customer or event attendee, but other beneficial actions include shares, likes, comments, clicks, and word-of-mouth.

Why Isn’t My Event Video Converting Anyone?

how to increase conversions on event promo videos

If you can’t get to the bottom of your low conversion rates, you’re not alone. Check out these top reasons why some event promo video ideas just don’t work.

#1. Poor target marketing

Properly directed marketing is essential to find conversions. If you are marketing a global IT business conference on Snapchat only, no wonder nobody’s registering for your event. Your video marketing strategy may need to be tightened up to match your niche. Research where your potential guests hang out on the internet, and spend most of your time there.

#2. Poor video production

In this case, your video concept is great, but the production quality is lacking. Video and audio quality is the key to more conversions for you. HD and even 4K video is the norm. Poor audio quality just doesn’t cut it, either.

Furthermore, a lengthy promo video is a no-go. Statistics show the benefits of shorter videos (30 seconds to 3 minutes is optimal for a simple event video). If you need help with video production, an event promo video maker can give your video more direction and prevent simple mistakes.

#3. Uninteresting video

Once you’ve nailed the basic steps of video production, you must also come up with a viable promo video concept. A dull, informational spiel won’t get you very far. An enthralling, creative video engages viewers.

A branded video is also a bonus. When mapping our your event promo video, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will my target attendees want to watch my video? Is it worth their time?
  2. Will my viewers want to share my video?
  3. Does my video express how my event benefits the viewer?

#4. Uninteresting event

event promo ideas for video conversions

Even if your promo video is breathtaking, nobody will register for your event if the event is not worth going to. The value of your event can be difficult to analyze objectively. However, you must take this step to analyze what facets of your event are best for promotion.

  • What does your event have that the viewer has never experienced before?
  • What perks does your event have to entice the viewer?
  • Is the expense of attending your event (time, travel, participation, etc.) worth the benefit for your viewer?

#5. Bland or nonexistent CTA

The CTA (call-to-action) is the meat of your event promo videos. It tells the viewers exactly what to do after, during, or even before watching your video.

Your CTA can be effective without being pushy. Simply find an interest that the viewer might have in your event, then connect this to an invitation to take action. Some CTA ideas include:

  • Direct your viewers to annotations or links in the video description which lead to your event website, social media page, or registration form.
  • Ask your viewers to share your video on social media if they think the event would interest their friends.
  • Encourage the viewer to attend your event and restate the benefits of doing so.

#6. Unrealistic expectations

Every event is different. Don’t expect your video to reach 10,000 views if you only have 800 followers on Facebook. Ridiculous expectations lead to discouragement. Instead, create a motivating goal. Calculate how many conversions you expect from your video, then double this number. Formulate a plan to reach this goal.

Avoiding these event blunders is the first step to video marketing success. But to reach your goals, you must go beyond avoiding mistakes. Proactively make the best event promo video in your niche by following the tips below.

What Is the Key to Converting Viewers?

event promo videos

The secret sauce to converting more viewers is to promote the little things.

If one of your viewers is considering attending your event, a free chocolate fountain buffet may be the deciding factor. Identify a trigger element or two of your event to promote. This will make video marketing a whole lot smoother.

We’ve already determined that the best event promo videos stand out and pique the interest of the viewer. Your video doesn’t need mad artistic talent to achieve this. Instead, promote the unique yet enticing little things that most companies don’t market. Create a script that won’t pass them by.

Determine what little perks you can include in your event promo videos to excite the viewer. Take a look at this list of ideas.

  • Enticing location
  • Free goodies
  • Guided networking
  • Discounts on products or services
  • Beneficial workbooks or pamphlets
  • Valuable discussions
  • Upbeat leader
  • Comfortable seating
  • Emotional visuals
  • Stress-free socialization
  • Exclusive reveals
  • Creative activities
  • Friendly event team
  • Featured technology
  • Fun marketing elements

Avoid common or generic event marketing tactics. Don’t promote your speaker if nobody knows who she is. Don’t promote your “cutting-edge” event technology if all you have is a VR headset.

Scenarios Chart

The type of event you are hosting may help determine where to focus your promotion. Review the list below, then identify the stand-out features of your event that will strengthen your video marketing campaign.

Type of Event

Interactive aquarium debate

5K run

Networking social

Trade exhibition

Live stream

Business conference


Continuing education

Your event

What to Promote

Trending hot topic to be discussed

Beautiful scenery at location

Hot chocolate and free mittens

25% discounts on new products

New YouTube challenge reveal

Drones at your event

Three valuable tips to be shared

Networking with career leaders


Wrap Up: How to Make the Best Event Promo Videos

event promo videos

Promotional videos can unlock new paths for your event. Only video has the power to capture, captivate, and convert. If you want your next event promo videos to succeed, consider Valoso. We can streamline all your video production needs to make your video stand out online.

Remember, poor quality video is one of the biggest event manager mistakes, so don’t take the chance. Our team of professional videographers and video editors are waiting to work on your project. Fill out the contact form below so we can get started!