The Amazing Spy Camera That Can Peek Around Corners

Spy camera
Image by tec_estromberg via Flickr

The Amazing Spy Camera That Can Peek Around Corners

Have you ever scratched your head at how to see around corners? Perhaps you’ve wanted to view something or someone without being detected. Believe it or not, this technology is actually possible. A new spy camera that can detect unseen moving objects is being created. When paired with an infrared laser, the camera is capable of seeing around corners.

The light from the laser reflects off of the object and back toward the camera. The spy camera then processes the object’s relative distance every few seconds. This technology is remarkable. The camera could be used for anything, from driving to spying. Read on for more details about this amazing camera.

Video by NPG Press via YouTube.

Because it can see around corners, the camera doesn’t work like an ordinary one. For example, normal cameras range from 24 to 60 frames per second. However, this highly sensitive camera is not limited to the traditional picture-taking realm. Instead, it captures 20 billion frames per second. The device is almost living, with its seamless ability to sense a moving object.

The spy camera could be used for federal, public, or personal needs. The possibilities are limitless. In fact, it could almost become as prevalent as regular cameras. One use may be as a high-tech surveillance camera. Detecting criminals and vehicles on the run would be much easier with this new tech. Additionally, the spy industry is teeming with the most incredible tech for all sorts of purposes. This new camera only evolves the industry by allowing spies to locate anything that is beyond their vision. One practical example may be locating a moving tank or enemy. Rescue missions could also become more successful with the spy camera.

Spy camera is activated by lasers

Image by Yvette Mattern via geograph

One of the best uses in the future, though, is driving. One of the root causes of car crashes is lack of visibility. And the new camera can solve just that if it becomes developed enough. It would alert drivers of the exact location of unseen cars. Then, the driver could move to a safer position. Any tech that boosts public safety is surely one worth investing in.

In the tech world, an ultra-sensitive camera that can peek around corners is phenomenal. It truly paves the way for the future by allowing us to move beyond the limits of our own senses. The new camera is a massive enhancement of the video world, as well. If the camera can sense a moving object, imagine what it might hold for videos in the future. Perhaps 3D movies will include touch, too, not just sight and sound. The potential of this spy camera has even been compared with x-ray vision. Imagine fulfilling the idea of x-ray vision in the future. It’s possible!