10 Types of Business Videos for Your Startup

business videos

Content marketing is essential for any business to succeed in the digital arena. However, creating business videos may not be as easy as it sounds. One of the biggest tips when it comes to video marketing for your business is to keep up with video trends.

If you want your business videos on YouTube and Facebook to succeed, then keeping up with recent business and video news online is crucial. If you want to engage people with your marketing videos, they need to be worth watching.

To help ensure your videos are cutting edge, check out some of the best business videos in 2016, complete with content marketing tips to get you started filming today.

1. 360-degree Virtual Reality Video

Offering your audience a virtual reality feel allows them to enter the realm of your brand. 360-degree video is easily one of the biggest trends of 2016, so take advantage of it.

2. Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonials are one way to brand your company. You can showcase people enjoying your product or benefiting from your services, while reaching out to potential customers. If you show off the positive feedback displayed by loyal customers, you will attract more of them.

3. Brand Explainer Video

An explainer video is a chance for your business to express its brand and explain its purpose. Think of some words and ideas that define your brand, then plug those into your own video to show your audience what you are all about.

4. Service or Product Demo Video

Demo videos do not have to be boring descriptions of how to use a product or service. Instead, creating clever videos that show the benefits of what your business offers in a unique way, are likely to draw more attention.

5. Humorous Video

Even if your brand isn’t necessarily the “funny kind,” you should still throw in a video or two to make your audience laugh. Laughter is a conversion magnet. Laughter makes viewers trust, love, and want your business.

6. Live Stream Video

business videos

Live streaming is a huge trend of 2016. Major brands like Red Bull, Doritos, and Adidas are taking advantage of live streaming apps like Periscope to connect with their audiences in real time. Following in their footsteps would be wise.

7. Animation Video

A lot of companies nowadays like to play around with animation when creating new commercials and promo videos. Experimenting with animation shows your creativity as a business and allows you to express your message in a new way.

8. Promotional Event Video

Live events excite your audience and bring you closer to them. Although other mediums can pump up your audience for a niche-specific event, videos bring the entire vibe of the event right to their computer screens.

9. Tutorial Video





Simple how-to videos can make all the difference when it comes to adding value to your followers’ daily lives. Consider creating a series of relevant tutorial videos so your viewers will appreciate your brand more.

10. Journey Video

Sharing a story with your audience is one clear-cut way to engage them. Use your team’s creative minds to think up a story that will bring you closer to your audience and show them how your business makes a difference.

Wrap Up

Promoting your business with the right videos can significantly impact your media presence. However, poor quality videos of any kind never receive much attention from audiences. Instead, your company will need to work to create the best videos out there.

You can start by visiting Valoso to hire professional freelance video editors and videographers. With high quality, forward-thinking business videos, your business can attract and convert thousands of viewers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!