Top 5 Ways to Find Creative Video Ideas for Advertising

creative video ideas

In this article, we will focus on one of the main criteria of modern video advertising – creativity. To become a significant competitor in the modern world, it is essential to implement it everywhere. In order to make a creative video, you need an idea. If it does automatically come to you, you have to go out and find it. Here are five tips to help you do that.

1. Read

Reading makes us more creative and helps marketers to generate numerous different creative video ideas. Where can you read and get ideas for a creative video? From books, marketing blogs, articles, etc. By increasing your reading time daily, you will be more easily able to come up with creative video advertisements.

Reading also frees you from stress, which is a main enemy to creativity.  The richness and rhythm of the words have the ability to calm your mind, which subsequently leads to more productive work.

2. Think Positively

Dee Hock once said:

Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will fill it.

Positive thinking has always been the key to success. All prosperous entrepreneurs have repeatedly stressed the importance of positive thinking in everyday life and in business. In turn, negative thinking will become a serious obstacle on the way to the cherished creative idea. Try to get rid of negative emotions; they prevent you from achieving your desired results.

3. Monitor Competitors

I’m not talking about plagiarism, no way! I am talking about the fact that everyone can monitor the creativity of other entrepreneurs. It is always interesting and useful to think about how the idea occurred to its creator. By studying the ideas of others, you can also understand their tendencies, their perception of the market, and their goals, which can ultimately affect the level of creativity for your idea.

4. Use Brainstorming

Collective thinking has always been and will be a valuable resource for idea generation. Gather the most creative people in your surroundings, give them a task, and start a brainstorming session. That’s why most of the advertising agencies are staffed by several employees. Do not be afraid to discuss even the craziest ideas, and do not worry that an idea will sound stupid or unacceptable. Any idea has the right to live, because ideas bounce off of one another, and maybe it will lead to the great popularity of your future video!

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Image Credit: Innovation Leadership Forum

5. Rely on Association

This is one of the basic advertising idea generation techniques. Let me give you a prime example. Look at the room in which you are now. What did you see first? Maybe a glass of water on the table, a flower on the windowsill, or chocolate? Now, take a piece of paper and pen. Write five adjectives that are most appropriate to the subject you have chosen. For example, dark chocolate, delicious chocolate, natural chocolate…

Done? And now for the most interesting part – write another five adjectives which are absolutely not suitable. It’s significantly more difficult: glass chocolate, teddy chocolate, summer chocolate, mysterious chocolate, baked chocolate. That is what came to my mind. It may sound unusual, but I think that the use of teddy or summer chocolate in your advertising is a pretty creative idea. Do you agree?

Wrap Up

Finding a creative idea is not as hard as it sounds. Maybe you will need some more time and more effort, but creativity is available for everybody. I hope now you know how to find some new ideas for your creative advertising videos. If you want to get more tips about video production, video advertising, creative video editing, and everything related to video, just become a member of Valoso!