Wedding Photo Sharing Apps to Share Photos with Your Guests

wedding photo sharing apps

It is always delighting to attend one’s wedding event. We all dream of falling in love and found that special someone whom we can share the rest of our life with. Of course, we want this once in a lifetime event to be memorable not only to us, the groom and the bride but also for our beloved guests who are there to witness the union and consummation of our love. But how do we share our precious photos and videos to our guest in an easy and efficient way? We give you these top wedding photo sharing apps to share your photos with your guests in a hassle-free manner.

1. Wed Pics

Wed Pics is the number one wedding app choice for wedding organizers, brides, and grooms. And it’s absolutely free! It collects unlimited photos and videos from your guests and it lets you sort those albums within the app.It also offers map and locations to your guests. This is really a notable feature because it lets your remote guests to know and familiarize the place of your wedding venue and reception.


It also acts as your automatic e-invitation as it keeps all the essential records such as your wedding date, time, descriptions, program highlights for your wedding event. And whenever you update your invitation details, you’re rest assured that your guests will be able to receive it, since the app lets you on the loop. You can also add some registry section that links to wedding retailers so that your guests can easily find a gift for you.

Last but not the least, its most notable feature is it displays a countdown for days before you’ll tie the knot. It’s actually thrilling yet scary to face the biggest moment of your life!

2. Wedding Party

Wedding Party is also a free app that has a modern, lustrous, and easy interactive user interface that’s pretty simple to navigate. It offers stunning features offer everything from creating multiple albums to a slideshow from your added photos.

wedding party

You can also edit your pics to turn them out beautifully and make it shareable and downloadable on Facebook and Instagram. Its most notable feature is that it has a group messaging that lets you connect with your guests and wedding organizers.

3. Wed Social

It’s also an another free app that has a photo collection feature that that gathers images from all the guests and add filters or memes (if you prefer so) before uploading and sharing them on social media sites. If you are a couple who wanted to manage and go through every detail in your marriage, then this app is the perfect one for you.

wed social

It offers a range of wedding planning tools to assist you with checklists, seating charts, wedding and reception venue, guests list. Even the budget calculator tool is a great help for budget conscious couples.

4. Capsule

Capsule offers a variety of options to upload and share your methods. You can download the capsule app, email your photos to a series of email address and add a hashtag to them on Instagram. It also integrates the Knot, and as much as its name says, it lets you sync your photo albums directly to your site as well.


The only disadvantage of Capsule app, though, is that you may take the time to familiarize the interface since it has a difficult interface and its differences between the app and the website.

5. Wedding Photo Swap

If you’re afraid to confuse your guests with so many wedding photo sharing apps choice and option, then the easiest and simplest  choice for you is this app.

wedding photo swap

The only feature of this app is to upload, categorize, and share photos taken by your guests as if they took the photos from their own camera.


Now that you already have the best choices for your wedding photo sharing apps, let us start capturing the best moments of this one-of-a-kind magical event.