Recipe for Success: 7 Clever Food Video Ideas

Food video filming
Image by I'm Emily via YouTube

Recipe books, ever heard of them? You probably have, but you also probably haven’t used one for years (or at least months) to find new recipe ideas. Taking advantage of the growing food video section of the Internet is a smart move for any business or blog.

Among other platforms, food videos on Facebook are becoming more and more popular because of how accessible and shareable they are. If you have ever wondered how to make your own cooking video, now is the time to learn.

A food video blog for your business is vital. It will boost your interaction with the audience, make your services easier to share, and extend your brand. Remember, the industry is massive. So your cooking video blog can make anything from funny cooking videos to cooking videos for kids. Read below to learn some food blogging tips and creative food video ideas.

Food Video Ideas for Your Food Blog or Business

1. How-to videos.

The type of tutorial videos you make depends on the theme of your business or blog. For example, is your focus audience beginners (how to chop different vegetables), experts (how to prepare black belly sushi), or somewhere in between?

2. Share recipes with personality.

Start with any text-based recipe and turn it into something unique. Infuse your brand and personality into the recipe video so viewers will remember it. For example, embrace text like the video above does. Make it personal!

3. Make your viewers laugh.

Recipe-making does not have to be a laugh-free zone. Humor electrifies your videos. It is a great tool to boost shares, likes, comments, and even subscriptions to your blog or YouTube channel.

4. Cook with kids or even pets.

Incorporating some cute and funny stars into your video can be a huge hit. Plus, you can take this in several different directions: cultural cooking (featuring different dogs and/or children), cooking quick and simple family meals, or cooking meals and treats for dogs!

5. Profile local restaurants and foodies.

Make your food video blog a community endeavor! Incorporating local restaurants and figures into your videos will entertain the viewers and make them feel welcome in your blog community.

6. Street food: express different cultures.

Whether through travelling the globe or discovering the streets of your local city, cultural cooking is a great niche for your business to enter. Street food videos offer a dual purpose: teaching your viewers not only about cooking but also about different foods and cultures.

7. Experiment with Facebook and Instagram.

If you are on edge about how to make your cooking blog popular, Facebook and Instagram are great places to start. The key to popularizing your food blog/business and videos is to make them shareable. What better place to accomplish this than on social media.

Hopefully, these food video suggestions sparked an idea or two for your business. Finding the right niche to pursue is simple, just follow your brand then back up your decision with quality videos.

One thing you probably noticed in these examples, though, is the incredible editing. Without proper editing, your food videos may go unnoticed because they do not stand out against all the other poorly-edited, unprofessional cooking videos out there.

Don’t fret if you do not know how to edit a cooking video. Visiting an online video editor marketplace and community like Valoso is a smart move for your business or blog. At Valoso, you will find several skilled editors to perfect your food videos and prepare them for the market. So start filming today!