16 Reasons Your Business Should Hire Freelancers

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Have you ever wanted to hire freelancers for your business? Many companies don’t quite understand the value that hiring freelancers can bring to their business. Freelancing online is the labor market of the future.

If your business wants to maintain success in the years to come, it’s time to get on board with freelancing resources. Check out these 16 reasons why your business should hire top freelancers.

1. Hiring freelancers promotes your brand.

Businesses that hire freelancers for work can obtain increased publicity and brand perception. Your clients, in addition to potential employees, will appreciate the fact that you are a freelancing business. Similar to how many people are “going green,” a lot of consumers may only work with brands that advance the freelance job market.

2. Freelancers can be recruited more quickly.

After posting freelancing work online, you will receive several bids in a short amount of time. Tons of freelancers are scouting for jobs just like the ones your business offers. Instead of taking weeks to get through the hiring and interviewing process, freelancing recruitment can take days–and, quite honestly, even hours.

3. Freelancers are happier workers.

hire freelancers

Most statistics reveal that freelancers to be more happy and productive than when they worked 9-to-5 jobs. This is due to several factors including flexibility, higher wages, and freedom. Freelancers’ innovative use of technology has a positive influence on their health and motivation.

4. The freelance market supplies more jobs.

Instead of hiring a team of ten permanent laborers, your business can add to the freelancing economy by offering twenty or thirty jobs. You can continually refresh freelancing job sites as your company takes on new projects. This will help your business get more quality work done without having to commit to full-time hires.

5. Freelancing ensures stability for your business.

When you hire freelancers online, the labor market expands, ensuring your business will find the right hire. Therefore, as your employees come and go, new freelancers will always be available. Recruiting local independent workers doesn’t guarantee quality hires. Who knows if you will find the right person in your local community?

6. Freelancers work more.

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Freelancing careers sometimes are more difficult to start out than regular jobs. Thus, freelancers tend to be more determined than traditional laborers. Instead of having to be influenced by schedules, freelancers can set their own hours to squeeze in more work hours. There is no such thing as “busy work” with freelancing.

7. Freelancing establishes authority online.

The more places you put your business online, the better. Creating profiles on websites like Freelancer and Upwork will give your business more attention and influence online. Posting jobs on the web is simply another way to improve your SEO as you add more jobs and optimize your profiles. For more about Upwork, here’s a comprehensive review.

8. Freelancing simplifies recruitment.

Many jobs on freelancing networks are fiercely underpaid yet still competitive. If you offer a freelancing opportunity at a fair rate, you will find a lot of unmined talent just waiting to be discovered. Instead of having to dig for the right person in your area, freelancers are at your fingertips waiting for recruitment.

9. Freelancing digitalizes your work process.

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Every business that wants a stake in the future is moving to the digital atmosphere. Offering freelancing jobs online will help to digitalize the way your business runs. Instead of conducting in-person meetings, you can live stream work meetings. Instead of tracking time with a time card, you can take advantage of online time-tracking tools.

10. Freelancing offers incredible flexibility.

Flexibility is the internet’s middle name. Probably the number one benefit of freelancing is flexibility. Neither the employees nor the employers have to settle for inadequate rates, deadlines, or working conditions. You can set your own flexible specifications and access countless skilled and willing workers when looking to find and hire skilled freelancers.

11. Freelancers specialize.

If you hire skilled freelancers, you can benefit from dozens of specialists for your business and pay only on a project-to-project basis. For example, instead of having to hire a permanent designer for your business, you can work with a freelance designer or several designers without establishing a permanent commitment to compensation.

12. Freelancing encourages innovation.

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Freelancing is one of the most innovative career platforms out there. People get to be their own bosses, while companies get better quality of work for the same rates. Freelancers are innovative, and your business should choose the best of the best instead of settling for traditional laborers.

13. Freelancers have more experience.

Because the point of freelancing is to accomplish various jobs for various companies, freelancers typically have more experience than traditional laborers. You will not have to spend as much time training your freelancer because they will already have a sense of what kind of work you need. Also, experience ensures quality, tailored work.

14. Freelancers are more affordable.

Most quality freelancers charge the same rate that a traditional laborer would. However, the differentiating factor is that the only thing you have to compensate your freelancers for is their wage. You don’t have to provide benefits, offer healthcare, or pay for a building for them to work in.

15. Freelancing has a diverse market.

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No longer are your recruiting efforts limited by who is looking for a job in your area. Although you can certainly hire local freelancers, you also have access to the abundance of laborers in the rest of the world. So, simply find and hire talented freelancers on websites that are limited by language, not region.

16. Freelancing mines educated millennials.

Although a lot of Gen X-ers have moved to the freelancing market, most freelancers you will find nowadays are millennials. Most businesses want to hire young, educated workers that will provide innovative work and pave a way for the future. By hiring freelancers online, your company can access this future-building power.

Where to Find & Hire Freelancers

Websites such as Freelancer and Upwork are the most popular places to find and hire freelancers online. However, if you are looking for freelancers in a specific industry, niche-specific freelancing websites will provide you with better options.

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