Top 5 Ways to Hone in on Your Target Audience

target audience

Do you want your proposal to be swept away with lightning speed from video advertising, emails lists, or posts in social networks? What do your business promotions look like offline? Communicate with your target audience, “feel” it, and adjust your offer depending on the situation. That is, take a few steps to the right or left without harming your brand.

Online promotion requires thorough preparation for negotiations. Additionally it requires flexibility. After you announce your initial offer, be ready to make any changes or additions to it immediately.

To ensure that your offer always receives the maximum response, Valoso prepared five ways that will help you to study and clearly understand your target audience’s relevant characteristics.

1. Create a Client Avatar

Do you want to speak in the language of your clients, using their phrases? You can learn how to create vivid, memorable proposals and avoid cookie cutter wording. The important things is to know how to focus on the problems and difficulties of your customers.

Start by formulating in your mind the perfect customer, and then contact them directly. Thus, you can adjust the dialogue with the buyer and achieve the desired goal.

What do you need to know about your target audience?

  • Goals and values
  • Target audience demographics
  • Problems and pain points
  • Possible objections and their role in decision-making

target audience

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2. Become a Critic

Take the customer avatar that was previously compiled and imagine that this is the work of another employee. Study it carefully. Start to carp at every point. Conduct a discussion with yourself, prove that you have done everything right, or find and correct mistakes.

Ask the following questions and try to answer them:

  • Why do you think your customer is your potential client?
  • Are you sure that these difficulties are the main issues for him?
  • Does your product really solve their problem?
  • Do your values match the values of your customers? Perhaps you are trying to sell an expensive product but they want to get the maximum discount.
  • Will this be the cause of conflict in the future?

Continue the list of questions at your discretion. Walk around the entire avatar and make adjustments.

3. Interview Your Audience

Conduct a general customer survey:

  1. Decide where you will conduct the survey: in social networks, using a blog post or email-mailing, etc.

  2. Create a list of questions using 3 simple rules:

  • Avoid two options: “Yes/No.” Instead, give a list of several items, so it is more open ended than just a yes or no.
  • If you allow for only 1 possible answer, you lose the opportunity to find out more about your target audience. In this way, you exclude the possibility that customers simply put up tick marks thoughtlessly.
  • Ask creative questions, where you invite respondents to paint your thoughts.
  1. Make a compiled list of issues using Google Forms.

  2. Encourage customers to pass the survey using the following tactics:

  • Present a gift. Choose one of the respondents to receive the gift, or reward each client with a pleasant surprise. It can also be a discount or a bonus.
  • Ask for help. Give customers the opportunity to be heard. Set the deadline. You will see that the number of answers will increase with this little trick. Deadlines motivate people to finish the poll immediately, rather than close the page and forget to return later.
  1. Publish a survey

  2. Collect the answers and analyze them

When preparing, follow the rule: the main key is quality, not quantity. Let the survey ask about 5 general questions, so it takes 5-10 minutes to answer. Tell potential customers what’s waiting for them when clicking on the link. Place the questions on one page and leave the minimum number of required fields. Give your customers the right to choose.

4. Study Direct and Indirect Competitors

Perhaps your competitors have already conducted a study and created their own portrait of their target audience in advertising. Research to see how they interact with their customers:

  • How do they communicate?
  • What terms and phrases of speech are used?
  • When, where and what advertisements are published?
  • How do they position themselves and promote themselves?

target audience

Learn from leaders in your niche, and in the market as a whole. You will be able to learn and use new ways of working with the target audience in marketing, which require only a small adaptation to your niche.

5. Engage the Target Audience

Continue working on the created avatar. Your clients develop, they solve their problems, they have new goals and pain points. Teach yourself to monitor their behavior constantly. Read the comments on your video blog and on social networking pages. Keep your finger on the pulse of how your customers live.

Create a separate document and create new ad copy statements using their comments and feedback. After all, your business does not stand still. And, perhaps, the thoughts expressed by customers will push you to create a new product or even send you in a whole new direction. Put questions to your customers. Motivate them to enter into a dialogue with you. Use Google Analytics to learn how customers are interacting with your brand at any given moment.

Summing Up

So, now you know about the five steps that separate you from understanding your target audience. Remember and implement them!

  • Provide a detailed avatar of the client. Dissect it to find and eliminate all inaccuracies.
  • Interview the audience and find out what it thinks about your products.
  • Examine competitors and market leaders and determine how they work with their customers.
  • Keep an eye on the actions of your audience.
  • Create different client avatars for specific products. Explore each one and make adjustments. So you can always offer up-to-date products and increase the conversion of your offer.

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