Why Your Video Marketing Strategy Needs Pinterest

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It is quite obvious that we need to continually look ahead to see the most relevant new marketing trends. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks and worth an in-depth look. We believe you would be interested in its potential for improving your marketing strategy. But how and why should brands like yours use it? Find out everything you need to know by checking out our Pinterest business guide!

What Is It?

Simply put, Pinterest is a social network where people publish visual content, such as images and videos. This media is growing extremely rapidly – just imagine that the number of unique visitors increased by 155% between December 2016 and January 2017! Other social networks such as LinkedIn and Google+ were left behind in its wake.

For What?

  • Traffic. If you need more traffic to increase sales, the Pinterest business model is your best bet. In addition, data from various studies suggest that this social network is more efficient in generating traffic than even Facebook!
  • Links. Install the “Pin it” button on the pages of your site, and if the user shares a link to your page in Pinterest, the pin will contain a backlink to your page. Yes, there are no follow links, and they do not really help in SEO, but that’s it for Pinterest video marketing purposes. Moreover, if you share a picture or video directly on Pinterest, you can include a link to the desired web resource in its description.

Getting Subscribers Using Pinterest

Okay, we created the page, tied it to Twitter, put up an avatar, filled in all the data, created a couple of boards with videos, pictures, etc. But what next? Where can we find subscribers?

The most popular and obvious answer is to publish Pinterest video content on an ongoing basis to draw in people. Come up with some interesting business Pinterest board ideas, and then create them dedicated to specific topics. Then, add the best content there, do a re-pin for the publications of other users, and like and comment on their videos/pictures.

But it is also necessary to engage in proactive work to attract subscribers. First, you need to properly highlight the fact that now you have mastered another social network in your existing blogs and the accounts of other networks and communities. This will immediately jumpstart an increase in users.

Finally, the third way is the good old mass following. If you focus on subscribing to Pinterest boards that belong to your field of specialization, then there is the opportunity to get a large number of subscribers yourself. Any subsequent active involvement of users will be very effective as well.

What Should B2B Companies Do?

Pinterest is a visual network, so you need to offer the BEST public video content. However, in the b2b segment, the vast majority of businesses sell products and services that are not visual. But this does not mean that nothing can be done.

  • Video and Photo Content

Surely, someone in the company has a camera – maybe he brought it to the last corporate party. Excellent! Are there official photos or video reports of the company’s management? Fantastic! You can create a pinboard called “Manual” and attach a person’s biography to each photo or video.

  • Visual Content From a Blog

Obviously, you use pictures (and videos in some cases) in your articles posted on the blog. If not, then it’s time to start, as you can not only make your blog better but also pin the most successful content, adding a link to your blog or site in the description of the photo or video. Thus, you will receive another traffic channel to the site and another excellent platform for communication with current and potential customers.

  • Infographics and Graphs with Data

The creation of infographics is now a very popular topic, and they nestle in just perfectly with Pinterest. So, if you have any data related to your industry – it’s time to create an infographic and publish it.

  • Customer Photos and Video Testimonials

Show your happy and satisfied customers on your board. Ask them to send their photos and video reviews in and make a board with their smiling faces. Their positive emotions will come through; this is a great way to draw in new subscribers.

8 Tips & Tricks for Pinterest Business Success

1. Create High-Quality Video Content on Your Board

You can publish high-quality video content on the board and supervise it in the same way as you do with other social media. Attach products and content to thematic boards on Pinterest, while remembering to add links that will help track traffic to the Pinterest business platform.

Never leave the boards empty! After viewing the first 10 boards, people start scrolling down to see more. You should make a good impression on those who visit your site. They should know that you are active, interested and have excellent and consistent content.

2. Brand Your Pinterest Business

Make sure that the name of your company is on the Pinterest profile. If you brand the name, you can use it as a “user” for the Pinterest profile.

The “About” section includes a brief description of who you are and what your interests are. This section is similar to the “bio” section on Twitter, so it should be moderately laconic and at the same time, it should give a clear and complete image of your business.

3. Tame Other People’s Pins

If you see pins that you like but do not represent a significant interest for your audience and do not cause you to attach them to one of your boards – just post them. Every time you are jumping on someone’s pin, it is displayed in the activity ribbon of that user. Which, in turn, can attract their attention, and they will subscribe to you.

4. Use Hashtags For SEO

It works extremely effectively. You can use hashtags to highlight keywords in the description of the pins. With the ease of finding your content, an increase in the number of followers is inevitable. And the more followers – the more Pinterest business advertising in your marketing strategy!

5. Mention Other Users

When on Instagram, Facebook, etc. you can mention other users in the comments on Pinterest or pin descriptions to get their attention or learn something specific.

Minor clarification: you can only mention those users who are subscribed to one of your boards.

6. Use the Browser Extension For a More Convenient Attachment

Pinterest offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. After downloading the Pinterest extension, you can quickly and easily “stash” the interesting things that you saw during web surfing.

7. Pin Smart

When you attach an image or video, do not forget the description of them with the corresponding hashtags. In addition, do not forget to include the title in your description (this is especially important if your “user” does not match the name).

8. Use the Pinterest Mobile App

If you still do not have one, be sure to download the Pinterest mobile app. Since most of us spend as much time with mobile as with computers, the mobile app will not be superfluous. Thanks to the app, you can search, pin, re-pin and attach videos or photos from your smartphone.

pinterest business


These Pinterest business tips will allow you to use and optimize your work with this social network and get a big return on it. No matter what your company is. Possibly, you are a pro in SEO or just got online with your own small business. Using Pinterest will give you a chance to get ahead in a short time.

And Do Not Forget

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