How to Create an Effective Video Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

effective video marketing strategy

Building an effective video marketing strategy is a crucial step for brand promotion. Without a pre-built, step-by-step plan, your results will not coincide with your expectations. In fact, it will be difficult to track or measure the impact of your campaign.

To avoid this plight, follow the five simple steps below to create an effective video marketing strategy. Let’s get started!

video marketing strategy

1. Create an idea for your video.

effective video marketing strategy

Every effective video marketing strategy begins with an idea. Consequently, you need to know what you want to share with your audience, and what exactly will be shown in your video.

But remember to implement a balance between what you want to show and what your audience wants to see. So, the overlap in these two areas serve as your content core. Only producing videos within the realm of your content core will help you achieve the planned results.

After determining the content core, you can brainstorm some specific ideas for your future videos. Decide what direction you want to go with your content. For your online video marketing strategy, define these parameters:

  • Tone. Will your video be funny or serious? Does it combine elements of horror? Will it be sarcastic or laudable? What kind of tone will appeal to your audience?
  • Format. Is your video a monologue, an interview, or a group discussion? A vlog or an animation? How long is your video and how is it organized?
  • Name. The name of your video should be concise, memorable, and revealing.
  • Visual effects. What visual effects will be added to the video during editing? What styles of font, transitions, outro, etc. will best appeal to your viewers?
  • Sound effects. Audio quality is just as important if not more so than video quality. Choose appropriate background music and sound effects to make your video pop.

2. Come up with a distribution strategy.

effective video marketing strategy

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For an effective video marketing strategy 2017, you must create a distribution strategy. Formulate this strategy before the production stage of your video. This will prepare you to successfully direct, cut, edit, and promote your finished product.

At this stage, you will want to choose the best social platforms for promoting your video. For this, you need to know your target audience in detail. For the best results, do a little research on the most prevalent distribution channels for your target demographics.

Also, make sure to tailor the length and style of your videos to your chosen platform. For example, Instagram allows you to publish videos no longer that one minute and Facebook starts playing video without sound.

3. Record your video.

Now that you have decided on the goals for your video, it’s time to determine how to record your video. This is where you establish your video production marketing strategy.

A high-quality video can be recorded for under $50 with the help of a smartphone. You must make an investment in a high-quality microphone, though, to have an effect on your viewers.

However, investing in a professional camera or hiring a skilled videographer may give your brand a better image. Furthermore, an actual video camera will have more filming capabilities that will make editing less tedious.

4. Implement video editing.

effective video marketing strategy

Now let’s talk about editing stage of your digital video marketing strategy. Editing is crucial for an effective video marketing strategy to come to life.

There are two options here: edit the video yourself or hire a professional video editor. Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each option for the creating a video marketing strategy.

DIY Video Editing


  • You can create a video the way you see it. No one, except you, will ever be able to repeat exactly what you imagine.
  • You will save money on hiring a video editor.


  • Studying the work in the video editing software can take days and weeks. Time is money.
  • You may not be able to achieve the same level of results as a seasoned video editor.
  • Video editing software costs money.

Professional Video Editing


  • Hiring a video editor will save you time.
  • A professional video editor has the skills to turn your footage into a masterpiece.


  • A video editor costs money.
  • You can experience possible risks associated with the incompetence of the performer.

You decide what option to choose for your video. To guarantee that you will choose the most experienced and competent freelance video editor, we advise you to read this post:

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5. Publish and promote your video.

Your audience must know that your video exists in order to view it and share it. So, to promote your video, consider announcing it on social media or on a blog post. Distribute it among your chosen distribution channels.

Also, before publication, be sure to pay enough attention to the proper SEO for your video. We wrote about this in detail in this post:

Everything You Need to Know About Video SEO

After uploading your video, promote it immediately. Send emails with a video link to your customers, use affiliate marketing (promote your video with other videos), post it on Quora, add links to your video wherever it is possible and relevant.

Video marketing is a complex process, and you will have to learn the quirks for effective target marketing for your brand.

Wrap Up

Keep in mind, this video marketing strategy template is just a beginning. As a result, making the most effective video marketing strategy requires research, time, analysis, and revisions. However, we hope this outline provides you with some inspiration to start learning the ropes of video marketing.

If you need help with any step of the video marketing process, Valoso is happy to help. We are glad to assist you to build an effective plan based on your target audience and your business’s own preferences. To get started with a revolutionary video marketing strategy, just fill out the contact form below or register on our website!