How to Record Your Pokemon Go Adventures

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is the gaming phenomenon currently sweeping the globe. The app had more downloads in its first week than any App Store app in history. It may now be on its way to becoming the most popular mobile gaming app of all time, and for good reason.

By bringing Pokemon to life, the app encourages players to exercise and connect with their communities and the world around them. While playing, only you can experience your own adventure. But what if you could record your game play? Maybe you want to share your medals on social media to prove you’re the best that ever was. Perhaps you want to give your friends without smartphones a chance to be part of the journey.

Great news! Recording Pokemon Go is actually quite easy. There’s no way to record from within the app, but all you need is a free screen recording app.  There are a few free apps made just for this, available in Google Play and the App Store.

Pokemon Go for Android Users


Mobizen is an easy-to-use app that allows you to record your phone screen in HD. Once you install and launch the app, tap the record button and open Pokemon Go. This app also lets you use your phone’s front camera to interact with your audience during your adventure. When you’re finished, you can edit your videos directly from the app! The YouTube video below gives a more detailed explanation on how to set up and start using Mobizen.

For IOS or Android Users


YouTube Gaming is a free HD screen recording app compatible with both Android and the IOS operating system. You can log in simply by using your YouTube log-in. Stream by tapping the stream button, which looks like an up arrow and two curved lines. Then, through the app, pick Pokemon Go from the list of apps to stream.

The YouTube Gaming App has a toolbar with a record button, camera toggle option, microphone settings, and filter options. Once you’re done shooting, you can select the start and finish points for your video and enter the video’s title, description and tags. The app allows you to upload directly to your YouTube channel.

If you thought Pokemon Go couldn’t get any more fun, try documenting and sharing your journey. Both Mobizen and YouTube Gaming make mobile video editing easy. Stream Pokemon Go, re-live your adventure and share it with friends. It’s sure to build upon the engaging community experience that Pokemon Go provides.