How to Promote an Event on LinkedIn in 2018

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If you didn’t already know, LinkedIn used to have an Events application for its users to create and promote an event page. Now, however, the social network leaves users up to their own devices to promote an event on LinkedIn.

No worries. LinkedIn is still an effective platform for hyping up like-minded individuals about your upcoming event. Keep reading to determine if LinkedIn event marketing is right for you and how to rock your strategy accordingly.

Why Use LinkedIn for Event Marketing?

promote an event on linkedin valoso

At first, LinkedIn may sound like an unconventional choice for event marketing. However, thousands of companies have launched successful events on LinkedIn. It is a great tool to market business-related events, but as long as your target market resides on LinkedIn, you can promote any type of event.

Keep in mind, LinkedIn event marketing is not for everyone. If you haven’t already, perform valuable market research to determine where your target audience hangs out on the internet. If your customers use LinkedIn frequently and fervently, then LinkedIn event marketing is for you.

Even if your business does not have a LinkedIn page yet, you can get started now and accelerate your growth with event marketing. Encourage your other existing followers or subscribers to check out your LinkedIn page. You may post special, LinkedIn-only content to encourage customers to follow you.

The pattern for social media marketing on LinkedIn is similar to that of other websites. However, this article will focus on accentuating the features and benefits of LinkedIn to get the most out of your event marketing strategy.

How to Promote Your Event on LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn does not offer a page specifically for events, you must stay organized and use visuals to clearly communicate your event to your followers. Follow the tips below to increase event attendance by marketing on LinkedIn.

10 Clever Ways to Increase Event Attendance

1. Create a page for your event, even if it’s not on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, you cannot create a page specifically for an event. However, a published event page is necessary to give users a decisive place to find all the details of your event and register as needed.

The first solution for this problem is to create a post on LinkedIn containing all the information of your event. If you require registration at your event, include a link to your registration website or encourage users to email or message you to RSVP.

Another quick fix is to host your event on another website and use LinkedIn for added promotion. You can publish your event on Facebook, Eventbrite, Ticketbud, or a similar website. You could also use your own website to publish your event and a registration page.

2. Respond to your followers and interested attendees.

promote an event on linkedin

As always, connect with your followers on social media. Don’t ignore interested guests who message you. If you receive a comment on a post on LinkedIn, reply to it. Create a personal relationship with each of your followers and encourage them to attend and share your event.

Building brand trust leads to more conversions. The principle is simple: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. By putting in the extra effort to get to know your followers, you can encourage them to make the final decision to register for your event.

3. Share your event on relevant LinkedIn groups.

Similar to Facebook groups, LinkedIn offers a variety of collaborative pages to join. Visit LinkedIn Groups to discover groups that relate to your target audience. Joining groups is not only a great way to promote an event on LinkedIn but also to find new customers. You can even consider creating a niche group of your own.

Once you have joined a handful of groups, stay active in them and use them as tools to share your event. If allowed, post about your event on these group pages to maximize the your event’s visibility.

4. Collaborate with other leading LinkedIn users and pages.

promote an event on linkedin

To reach your target audience, find the LinkedIn pages of other relevant companies and leaders in your niche. Contact these companies and individuals and offer a mutually beneficial promotional deal.

Explain that you are hosting an upcoming event that would interest their followers, then ask that they share your event page on their LinkedIn profile. Always give more than you take, so in return, express your willingness to share a link or two of theirs on your LinkedIn page.

5. Consider paid advertisements on LinkedIn.

Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to target a specific industry. If your business has the budget for it, consider experimenting with LinkedIn ads and notice the response. You may find advertisements to be particularly effective to promote an event on LinkedIn.

For the most part, a good event should promote itself. If you are continually needing to put money into your LinkedIn event marketing strategy, then it probably isn’t a good idea. However, a bit of paid advertisements can work wonders to boost your campaign.

6. Publish event videos on LinkedIn.

It is a fact that videos are one of the most effective digital tools to promote an event. If you haven’t already, create an event promo video. Then, directly upload your video to LinkedIn or share a YouTube link on LinkedIn.

Videos grab the attention of your audience and give them a reason to share your event. You can even think outside the box when it comes to video ideas to promote an event on LinkedIn:

34 Event Video Ideas to Rock Your Marketing Campaign


If your niche is active on the social network, do not hesitate to promote an event on LinkedIn. Remember to keep it real and consider how your audience responds to your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Securing attendees can be a breeze if you consider the marketing tips above.

If you are struggling with creating a targeted event marketing campaign, no need to worry. Valoso is waiting for you to take advantage of our event marketing and event video production services. Simply fill out the contact form below to get in touch and share your ideas!

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