8 Ways to Rock Your Internal Communication with Video

internal communication among employees

A great internal communication strategy is key for any brand to succeed. Though other forms of internal communication in an organization may boost community at the workplace, using a video to improve internal communication stands out. Video is a potent tool that can reach all your team members in a split second.

Creating a company video and a few internal communications videos doesn’t have to be a hassle. Coming up with internal communications ideas and bringing them into your own internal communications video strategy can be fun. Start by including a few internal corporate video ideas in your communication plan. Then, begin producing internal videos for employees by hiring out extra help.

If you have been scratching your head wondering how to improve internal communication in an organization, worry no more. Just check out the best practices in video for internal communicators below. Take action and start using YouTube for internal communications today.

1. Train your staff.

Videos can be a simple and efficient way to train new and old team members. Instead of conducting training session after training session, your crew can learn the ropes of a new program or task by watching a prerecorded video. Not only will this save your business time and money, but your new and old staff will practice their skills better since videos provide a more self-paced learning method.

2. Feature distinguished employees.

Any good company allows its staff to shine when they accomplish notable feats and exhibit excellence in the workplace. Using videos to spotlight treasured team members will build positivity among your team members and encourage a norm of enthusiasm and perseverance.

3. Create an explainer video.

One internal communications best practice is to create an explainer video for your brand. An explainer video is a video that–you guessed it–explains your company. In other words, express your brand, share your story, and state your mission across the world wide web with a creative video specially made for your trade.

4. Exhibit events, conferences, and trade shows.

Internal comms videos don’t have to only be set in the office space. Instead, expand your reach by filming conferences, trade shows, conventions, and other events that relate to your niche. Your team can even live stream events through apps like Periscope, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. Hire new employees.

Not only can you use videos as an online orientation, but they can be a strong tool for hiring new staff as well. Instead of posting ads on job sites, you can spread the word by making recruitment videos. Share them on all your social networks and on the web. Potential applicants will be more enticed to apply for your job opening if you connect to them in a unique digital way.

6. Boost internal communication morale.

Tell your crew, “We can do this!” Remind them of your brand’s mission. Give them the vigor they need to love their job and keep working hard. Always radiate positive energy in any internal staff video you send out–it’s contagious. Although face-to-face support is crucial for employee communications, using video for internal communications can be just as effective and it gives you a way to reach all your employees at once.

7. Spread executive messages.

Sending out a long, boring email–or the dreaded memo–does not present the same flair as a video does. Any company that has video communication with its staff is thought of as forward-thinking. If an executive team member has an announcement to share with the whole crew, creating a video to spread the news will more successfully engage your team in the company effort.

8. Share customer testimonials.

Showing your staff what kind of impact they make on fellow clients is vital. Not only will a video showing positive customer reviews make team members proud of their efforts, but it will rally them to keep up the good work. Try dishing out interviews to a few of your regulars to find what makes your brand shine.

Internal connection is boosted if you build a video strategy. But, hashing out poor videos to your crew will only undervalue them. Instead, invest in top video internal communications tools to make your efforts worth it. One tool to check out is Valoso. Here, you can hire professional video editors and videographers to perfect your brand’s creations. Outsource where you can and follow the internal communications top tips above to lead your brand to success.