The Essential Guide To Shooting an Event Video

event video

Event video is an independent genre of video production utilizing efficiency, impartiality, and realism. A professional event videographer is very attentive to the surroundings and the people attending the event. In contrast to a staged video, events develop very quickly, regardless of the videographer’s will. Therefore, event video production requires very careful preparation and ingenuity. Here are some tips to help you when shooting an event video.

How to Prepare for the Event Video Recording

Try to discuss the upcoming event with the organizers in detail to find out what they expect from you, what deadline is, how long the video should be, when and who is coming, what will happen and where, what is the dress code, and so on. Get as much information as you can. This will help you to prepare the equipment, to understand customer’s needs, and to capture every highlight of the event.

Tips for Shooting Live Events

  • Arrive at the shoot several hours before the event begins. This allows you to leisurely explore the area, set up your event video camera, and pick up good foreshortenings.
  • Frequently, an event video includes shorter videos within the body of the main video, such as the decorations and branding areas. We advise you to shoot these moments in advance and without guests.
  • It is always better to discuss a list of places and spaces where you can shoot, and be sure to get a full access badge with the word video.
  • Check with the organizers as to who the VIP-guests of the event are or, and find out who is not expected to be in the video. Otherwise, your first event video may be your last one.
  • Get a detailed program of events, timing and agreed upon event video brief. These components will provide you with invaluable tools when planning an event video. Ask the organizers of the event to give you a detailed scenario.
  • Be sure to stock up on batteries and flash drives! If your camera suddenly discharges, or your flash drive is filled in at the wrong time, no one will forgive you!
  • Smile! You will find that the surrounding people also begin to smile. A smile is a key to a positive event video.

Here are 10 extremely useful tips for shooting live events by a master of his craft.

What to Shoot?

  • At the beginning of the event, shoot the larger close-up portraits. Usually, the rooms will be empty until the guests begin to arrive.
  • Do not forget the details of the interior: branding materials, flowers, beautiful serving table, logos, and so on and on. Such moments make your video more atmospheric.
  • Capture moments of communication between event attendees. Always shoot their smiles, greetings, embraces, etc. Such moments will saturate your video footage.
  • The event often has an energy rush. At such moments, all guests are experiencing a single positive emotion. Use this time to get those emotion-filled shots.
  • Remember to get quality shots of guests, speakers, and celebrities. Videos featuring VIP’s are always in great demand.
  • Shoot interviews. Turn on the camera, approach several guests and ask them about their take on the event.

How to Edit the Event Video Content Quickly and Easily

I am sure that your flash drives will be completely filled with videos after the event. Now it’s time to take all those hours of video content and select the most interesting moments. Event video editing can be a laborious and recourse-intensive operation, so give your customers a realistic ‘done by’ time so you have the time you need to extract the very best content and create the final product.

Now you have the knowledge needed to shoot event video. If you want to simplify your life, save time and effort, you can use Valoso’s platform, where professionals can edit any video, with any degree of complexity! You also have a great chance to become our member and get the latest video marketing advice throughout your busy week.