Why Your Videos Should Have Geotags

video geotagging

As we see today, the majority of video entrepreneurs already know about the function of adding geolocation in photos and videos. Yet, some people never use the opportunity to mark themselves in an interesting place, company, city or country. On the other hand, some video creators do not miss the moment to demonstrate every move online with video geotagging.

Is this function important? Who is interested in it? What are the advantages for business accounts? And also important is the question: Are there risks in using geotags in your video in terms of online security? Let’s check it out!

Geotagging and Marketing Strategy for Business Account Promotion

Geotagging is the process of attaching geographic data to any information-related content. Geolocation, as a function of some social networks, has long been a familiar tactic. Since its very first appearance, geotagging on social media outlets, brand accounts and company profiles have been common practice for marketing purposes when posting videos and photos. It would seem that the time of Foursquare and the excitement associated with geolocation have passed, but skillful marketers are in no hurry to send this function to the archives.

With the help of video geotagging software, potential customers can not only know the location of the store, tattoo studio, coffee shop, rental office, museum or any other point of business, but they also can get timely information about promotions, discounts, and bonus programs.

The list of the most popular geotagged places in the world for Instagram includes:

  • Yankee Stadium in New York
  • Red Square in Moscow
  • The Louvre Museum in Paris
  • Times Square in New York
  • Disneyland in California

Marketers of these sites should be envied: they certainly know how to improve their business performance on social media by using the function of video geotagging on Android, iOS, etc.

Why Do You Need Geotags in Your Business Video?

Users mark their location for various reasons, but most often, geotags are needed to:

  • Get information about the nearest points of interest.
  • Learn about the whereabouts of other users.
  • Leave feedback about a purchase or a company, to note the important information about the place.
  • To expand awareness and to increase the target audience.

7 Ways to Motivate Customers to Use a Geotag

How do you maximize the use of geotags in your videos? Here are seven simple steps that will help with that.

  1. Use existing marketing channels. Most business owners have groups in social networks, a website, or a blog. There, you can unobtrusively remind customers that “by geotagging Instagram videos, they can get certain bonuses,” or something along those lines.
  2. Use printed reminders for checking in. Such stickers have long been known for users of Facebook or Foursquare. They can be found on the front doors of businesses, at the cash registers, and other highly visible locations.
  3. You can encourage customers with special offers, give discounts and bonuses. Any client wants to be treated as special and get VIP status. For example, many shops arrange an evening or an open night with unprecedented discounts for those customers who check in through social networks.
  4. Give gifts. This is an old but proven method to encourage the geotagging of YouTube videos, Instagram photos, etc. A gift can be a discount, product or service of your company. You can announce such a gift in advance or keep it intriguing by announcing a surprise that awaits everyone who will add a geotag to their posts in social media.
  5. Involve employees and colleagues. The mass geotagging can begin with your team, whose members will add geotags which will be seen and picked up by their relatives and friends. Thus, the chain continues.
  6. Use QR codes. They can bring a client to your Facebook or Instagram page for sign in.
  7. Do something good. Organize a charity campaign with an institution that needs help. Each registration will collect donations, which will positively affect the charity of your choice and your business.

The Danger of Video Geotagging for Customers

If geotagging your business brings recognition and new customers, ordinary users may take risks by telling their location on Instagram or Facebook.

When geotagging Facebook posts, do not forget to think about the shortcomings of this method of marketing. If you make a video with geotagging at home, a lot of random people will find out about your address and place of residence. Similarly, information is advertised if you put a geotag from relatives or friends.

video geotagging

Image Credit: Autogrow

This can leave people at the mercy of the robbers. After all, if you checked in at a party with friends two minutes ago, it means that you are not at home now. Just think, many users of Instagram or Facebook rush to show off to their subscribers their new phone, car or TV, with full disclosure on the video with geotagging, which tells the whereabouts of you and your hot new purchase. Be careful!

So, now we know what video geo tagging means and how to use it in your videos. If you want to get more useful tips for video marketing, become a member of Valoso!geotagging vidoes