Three Ways Video Can Help You Close More Sales Deals

Do you use video to close more sales deals? I mean not just creating a video and thinking that sales are growing. Do you use video so that your sales actually grow and your deals are more successful? No? So, are you interested in learning how to close more sales deals using video? Do you want to know which videos are the best and how to use them? Well, in this article, I’ll show you three ways to effectively use video to close more sales deals. Check it out!

Closing Sales Deals with the Help of a Video Presentation

Because buyers are much more likely (64-85%) to purchase a product after watching a video about it, try to create short advertisements that describe the main benefits and features of your products, and show it during your business meeting using a laptop.

For example, if you have a clothing store, add a video with models showing the clothes instead of posting photos. If you offer a service, use a video that explains what problems your service solves and how it does that.

Maximize Client Interaction & Retention Using Video

Just like video helps users to be acquainted with your products, they can help you to reduce the need for support and maintenance, for example, by phone. Rather than list buyers’ answers to frequently asked questions in the text, you can record video with these answers. This is one of the best ways to boost confidence and gain credibility, as many people perceive visual information better.

These videos can be short or long, but they should be engaging and helpful. Upload them on the FAQ page of your website and link them to all possible and future buyers who apply for help in writing or by phone. You can also show this video during your business meeting to speed up your sales deals. It does not have to be a professional video; most importantly, let it be detailed and exhaustive, and your partners will thank you.

Create Social Significance Using Video

P.T. Barnum once said, “Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.” Demonstration of client’s reviews is one of the most powerful ways to convey value proposition to partners.

Ask your most loyal partners whether they agree to capture a video review of your last deal. If they are not far from you, invite them to your store or office, or contact them via webcam. You also can arrange an event and invite your business partners. Ask them to describe their experiences, tell us how your deal helped them in their entrepreneurship. If you cannot capture video review of your partners this way, ask them to record a short video on their smartphone and then send it to you.

close more deals with video

We all know that video has become an integral part of marketing today. There are different types of videos that you can create for a more effective marketing strategy to close more sales. Focus on the strengths of your company and find ways to demonstrate them for your potential partners using video. Finally, I suggest you watch a great video by sales trainer, Brian Tracy, about how to close more deals.

Did you like these closing sales deal tips? In any case, you are in the right place. We can help you turn your videos into stunning sales tools and techniques that will help you to succeed! Just sign in, it’s free!


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