How To Make A Great YouTube Trailer Video

How To Make A Great YouTube Trailer Video

Creating a YouTube trailer video gives you a great opportunity to encourage your audience and viewers to follow your channel. The more people who subscribed to your channel, the more people are aware of your brand or services.

Furthermore, a YouTube trailer video influence a Purchaser’s decision. Most purchases are likely to watch the trailer first before deciding to patronize your brand.

As a business owner, it is important to consider making a trailer video to boost your company brand.

Here are the best practices to consider in making cool YouTube trailer video.

1. Start with Warm Introduction

A warming introduction is needed for your viewers to know who they’re viewing with, and where you come from. Here is a great example of a warm introduction from Brittany.

2. State the Purpose of your Video

The first three seconds of your video is critical in retaining the attention span of your audience, so it is important that your audience will be able to grasp your message right away.

Describe what your content is all about and what your audience will expect upon watching your video.

3. Story

If your video trailer deals with an upcoming launching of a game, a book, a live stream, or any promotion events, story-telling is the right method to use in your video trailer.

Show and impress your audience about your upcoming event without giving too much. The best tip you can apply in story-telling is to give a cliffhanger at the end of your video.

Try to formulate a nail-biting and thrilling cliffhanger to keep your audience hooked and they felt like they couldn’t wait on your event launching.

4. Tone

Aside from the content or theme of the video itself, the music and narration play a crucial part in the overall success of your video trailer. Music and narration set the pace of your video and establishes an emotional attachment with your audience.


You can browse for high-quality, royalty-free music you can use for your video.

5. Engage with your audience

There are two main reasons why your audience is interacting with your brand. Either your brand solves their problem or brought convenience their lives, and your brand makes them feel special.

Our audience wanted to feel like they’re valuable and their inputs are important to us, so make sure that your video will involve them. One way of ensuring that is by creating an interactive video.

Engage with your audience and make them part of your video. At the end of your video, you can invite them to visit your website or your upcoming event, click to sign up for a free subscription, take a quiz, and other types of engagements you can establish with your audience.

Creating Professional Videos with Valoso

Now that you have the important elements in creating an effective video, it’s time to create your videos A visually appealing and professionally crafted videos increases the chances of your videos being viewed.

We at Valoso are here to help you create your videos professionally. You only need to create a project and hire a qualified video editor to do the editing for you.