How to Choose a Venue to Crown Your Event

how to choose a venue

Knowing how to choose a venue for your event effectuates your event planning. Indeed, much of an event’s success can rely in choosing the right venue. Imagine the type of damage the wrong venue choice can have on your event marketing.

For example, a professional meeting at a picnic table in the park might not get a lot of traction. Or, a medium-sized convention held in a small meeting room won’t go anywhere. These examples are exaggerated, but many businesses don’t know where to start when choosing a venue for an event.

You want to make sure your event format, goals, and audience aligns with your venue choice. Let’s dive into some tips for choosing a venue for your event.

Types of Venues for Events

The following types of venues can give you an ideas of what to choose from. Venue ideas are not limited to the following:

1. Lofts & Lobbies

Good for promotional events and networking

how to choose a venue

2. Warehouse

Good for conventions and dances

how to choose a venue

3. Conference Centers & Meeting Halls

Good for conferences and debates

how to choose a venue

4. Rooftops, Patios, & Pavilions

Good for social events and unconferences

how to choose a venue

5. Restaurants

Good for meetings and speaking engagements

how to choose a venue

6. Galleries

Good for expositions and public events

how to choose a venue

7. Concert hall

Good for concerts and productions

how to choose a venue

8. Colleges, Universities, & Schools

Good for seminars and symposiums

how to choose a venue

9. Camps & Retreats Centers

Good for training and planning sessions

how to choose a venue

10. Arenas, Stadiums, & Outdoors

Good for fairs and trade shows

how to choose a venue

Consider Your Event

The main consideration in choosing the venue for your event is the event itself. Explore the following questions to outline your upcoming event and your venue needs.

1. What is the format of your event?

Of course, the needs of an aquarium event will be different from that of a convention. Once you have defined your event types and format, you can move forward with choosing a venue. Event format includes the following:

  • Will your event have speakers?
  • If so, how will they present their information?
  • Where will guests be positioned?
  • How will guests move around?

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2. What accommodations does your event need?

When figuring out how to choose a venue for an event, you must weigh in the accommodations needed for your event. For instance, a local business meeting will probably have less needs than a trade show.

  • Will you need translators or handicap accommodations?
  • What technology is needed?
  • What special arrangements must be planned?

3. What activities will your event facilitate?

Consider the types and amount of activities you are planning for your event. Every event should be chockfull of activities, big or small, to entertain the guests. For instance, drones, VR, or live streaming will need additional planning when deciding how to choose your venue.

  • Will you have enough room for these activities?
  • Do you have enough power supply to support your activities?
  • What creative solutions will you need?

4. What are your event goals?

Most of all, your event goals are possibly the greatest factor to esteem in your choosing a venue checklist. You have to remember what your event stands for, and if the atmosphere you will be presenting in your venue matches that objective.

  • Does your event support eco-friendly areas?
  • Is your event highly tech-oriented?
  • What is the central focus of your event: people or profits?

Consider Your Audience

After going over your event details, the next big step for how to choose the right venue is your audience. The key to a successful event is a satisfied audience. If you want to know how to choose the perfect venue, make sure your audience will fall in love with your potential venue.

1. Location

Choosing the right location for your event precedes choosing your venue. However, figuring out where to host your next event may require some additional reading. Check out the article below for insights on selecting the perfect city for your event:

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Wherever you choose to host your event will influence your options when it comes to venues. This is why choosing a larger city for event planning is typically a better option so you have more venue choices.

Consider the demographics of the region your event is located in. What are the population’s likes and dislikes? What are common traditions or cultures in this area? For instance, you will find more outdoorsy event venues for a trade show in Texas than in Norway. Weather is just as important as other factors.

2. Interests

Of course, the interests of your audience is one of the most important factors when deciding how to choose a venue. Write down an outline of your ideal event guest. What are they passionate about? What do they dislike? How can you make them comfortable?

If you are not quite sure what your target audience likes, perform some market research of your own. Some of the most effective raw market research data is collected through personal data collection efforts, such as polls, analytics, and keyword research.

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Finding a Local Venue

To find a local venue, choose a type of venue from the list at the beginning of the article. The venue type you choose should best suit your event’s needs and your audience’s preferences.

Perform a Google search for “concert halls in Luxembourg.” Then, create a list of potential concert halls that fit your needs. For each option, find out the details for event reservations—prices, availability, location, and other options. Remove venues that are out of the question.

Next, consider if the venues in your list will be able to provide the best accommodations for your event. Will you be able to host a successful event at this venue? Or, could you have to come up with creative solutions to meet your needs?

Last of all, make sure your chosen venue reinforces your desired atmosphere. Not every concert hall is the same—will you be hosting a rock concert or a music festival? What mood does the architecture of the building present?

Once you have chosen the best venue, schedule a slot for your event!

Takeaway: How to Choose a Venue

Knowing how to choose a venue for your event requires some research and practice. If you need additional help with streamlining your event planning and marketing, choose Valoso. Our team of event professionals is waiting to help you with your upcoming project. Simply fill out the contact form below or visit our homepage to get started!