8 Festive Video Ideas to Add More Fun to Your Christmas Party

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Is video on your Christmas party checklist? It better be. Christmas videos can be the perfect element to make your holiday event more festive and fun. Hosting a holiday party doesn’t have to be a hassle when you take advantage of the power of video. If you are itching for creative holiday party ideas, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to check out some of the best Christmas video ideas and some production and promotion tips to help you along the way.

1. Live stream the party.

For friends and relatives who aren’t able to make it, share the festivities by live streaming your Christmas party online. Even if you are not familiar with live streaming, the process is simple. As long as you have a Facebook, YouTube, or Periscope account, you have access to free live streaming. Set up your phone, laptop, or camera in the most active area of your house to prepare for the live stream.

Pro tip: Don’t just post a link to your live stream on social media and expect people to attend. Invite people weeks before the event, and encourage them to attend the live stream or part of the live stream if they cannot make it to the party.

2. Host a video making contest.

One fun way to incorporate videos into your holiday celebration is to include everyone in the video making process. Once you have your guest list, divide the attendees into groups and give each a video assignment to work on together. The contest may be to tell the funniest holiday joke or perform a reenactment or parody of a particular Christmas movie. After everyone completes their videos, present them on the TV and vote!

Pro tip: Don’t make the video contest too hard or else nobody will want to participate! Your best bet is to have guests make their videos during rather than before your party and to only require a 8-30 second video.

3. Rewatch home videos.

Collect your attendees’ favorite home videos, compile them, and relive the memories. Poor-quality home videos can sometimes be a chore to watch, so you can always hire a Christmas video editor to improve the quality and create a more enjoyable viewing experience. The holidays are a time for family and friends to come closer together, and what better way to accomplish this then by sharing treasured memories?

Pro tip: If the home videos are on several different mediums, encourage the owners to visit their local video store to convert the physical mediums into online video. Otherwise, prepare your equipment to quickly change between the online videos and your DVD player.

4. Send video invitations.

Video invitations can be a unique way to spread holiday cheer. All you need to make a Christmas video is a camera and a script. Construct a short invitation video just like you would write a handwritten invitation–include all the details and get people excited for the event. Share your invitation on social media or even through email or text. Be sure to include the party details in the video description, as well!

Pro tip: Your Christmas party invitations do not have to be live action. Consider using Christmas video animation to make your video more fun. All you have to do is choose a Christmas video app for animation, such as ElfYourself, then start creating!

5. Create a prank video.

Nothing lifts our spirits like a hilarious prank video–especially when you are the one creating it! Brainstorm some laughable, creative pranks to play on your guests, and be sure to set up cameras at the designated locations. You can consider pulling individual pranks on a few good friends or a mass prank on your entire guest list.

Pro tip: Because prank videos have a tendency to go viral, consider uploading your prank Christmas videos to YouTube. Genuine reactions make up some of the best videos on the Internet, so don’t be afraid to share your laughs with the world!

6. Put on a Christmas movie or two.

Of course! Christmas classics are the best way to spice up any holiday party. Choose a movie to watch during your party and serve delicious movie-going snacks. You can also have some fun and plan a pop quiz after the movie. Whoever scores highest gets a prize–perhaps some apple cider or a candy cane?

Pro tip: Movie watching can and should be a social event. Consider polling your friends on what their favorite Christmas movies are before the party so you will be sure to play a movie that everyone enjoys.

7. Turn videos into a Christmas party game.

Videos can be interactive in so many ways, especially during a party with lots of people around. You can choose some of your favorite funny videos and host a “try not to laugh or smile” contest. Or, you can project short clips from various holiday films and have your party guests guess which film they are from. Try coming up with some of your own Christmas party contest ideas or holiday party games!

Pro tip: Consider incorporating virtual reality into your game. Even if you are unfamiliar with the technology, it is easy, inexpensive, and fun to use. You will really stand out as the best Christmas party host if you keep up with the latest tech trends!

8. Play Christmas Music Videos.

There is nothing like Christmas music to set the festive mood. Instead of just playing holiday audio over the speakers, you can make the experience even more enjoyable by presenting the Christmas video along with the music. Prepare a YouTube playlist of the best Christmas songs and their respective videos, then set up your TV or projector and display the magic.

Pro tip: If you want to find convivial Christmas video songs without having to create your own playlist, just do a quick search on YouTube for existing holiday tunes. You can choose from a selection of playlists to find one that fits the tone of your party.


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