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Turn Your Travel Clips into a Stunning Video

Did you know that the number of travel video views increases by 118% year over year? This is not surprising. Why? Because travel movies allow you, your friends and your family members to plunge into...

Attention Freelance Videographers! Valoso is Expanding Our Elite Professional Network!

After the huge success of Valoso in providing a great platform to our video editors in delivering a professional, well-crafted video, we are now expanding our professional network to give the videographers a chance to...
videography business

How to Setup a Profitable Wedding Videography Business

For those of you interested in video production or filmmaking, starting a wedding videography business might be something you're either already considering, or something you should consider. The wedding videography business is evolving faster than...

How to Make Low-Cost Videos with No Experience

Most of us don't aspire to be professional video editors or photographers - that's a fact. We do, however, want to be able to make great, professional-looking videos with pictures and music with minimum...
DIY green screen

DIY Green Screen Complete Setup Guide

Believe it or not, setting up, filming, and editing your own DIY green screen video is actually quite simple. You don't need any fancy software or expensive supplies. All you need is the right screen, lighting,...
How Much Should I Charge As A Wedding Videographer

How Much Should I Charge As A Wedding Videographer

We all dream of falling in love. We all dream of having that special someone whom we can spend the rest of our lives with. We all dream to have that memorable wedding as...
Make money with a video camera

Make Money with a Video Camera in these 7 Ways

Ever wonder how to make money with a video camera? It's easy to make money with video because of the increase in smartphones with high-quality cameras and GoPro cameras. In fact, tons of videographers...

5 Video Shooting Tips for Cinematography

5 Video Shooting Tips for Cinematography All of us wanted to video shoot a high-quality film with a stunning world-class cinematic look. But producing a high-quality cinematic footage does not simply settle with purchasing the...