How YouTube Changed Politics Forever

If the past nine years have given us something undeniable, it is the transition of politics into the realm of the Internet. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Snapchat were key players in...
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Where to Source Event Videography for Any Occasion

Video is a must for any event. But event videography services can be difficult to source. You have to find the right event videographer with the right equipment with the right price, the right schedule, and...
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How to Write the Perfect Script for Your Video?

Online video has become a valuable part of digital marketing. Companies are using video’s unique properties to grow their outreach and boost conversion rates like never before. It is the most direct and convincing...

Why Should I Add Music To My Video?

You wrote the script, added the special effects, and your operator captured the most exciting moments. It seems like your video is great in all senses. But only one thing has been forgotten. Not...
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5 Tips for Looking Good On Camera

It's all about video these days, isn't it? With all the vloggers on YouTube, and people live streaming on Periscope and Facebook Live every single day, there's one thing we can be sure of: looking good...
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How Video and Audio Quality Translates into More Conversions for You

You have heard it before: video and audio quality can make or break your video content. But what is the reasoning behind this conclusion? In this day and age, every business, no matter how tight their...
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How to Create and Promote a Video Press Release

According to WordStream, 59% of executives are more likely to choose video if both text and video are presented on the same topic. Thinking about creating corporate video press release of your own? The article below will...

8 Reasons to Include a Video Explainer on Your Website

Online video is quickly becoming the most viewed types of online content and is only going to continue to grow. The truth is your business can't afford to go without video content any longer,...
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Five Tips to Simplify Your Video Production

Marketers predict that video production will continue to gain momentum this year. Moreover, many of them say that 2017 will be the year of video marketing! Just think: online video will account for 74% of...
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10 Ways to Get More Views on Your Videos

What's the secret to getting views on YouTube? These ten easy steps will teach you how to optimize your content to get more views and build an audience. 1. Add Attention-Grabbing Titles In the same way we judge...