YouTube strategy

Stop! These 3 Mistakes Are Killing Your YouTube Strategy!

You carefully designed your YouTube video promotion strategy but did not get the desired results. What gives? Most likely, your YouTube strategy has fallen victim to mistakes that are known by only the coolest...
drones at events

24 Inventive Ways to Use Drones at Events [Infographic]

The best drone ideas are those that bring on the future. Drones at events are a growing trend; one that changes how we interact within an event. Not only that, but drones are also...
video marketing roi

The Ultimate Guide for Measuring Video Marketing ROI

Over the last few years, video has become a vital part of content marketing. Everyone’s talking about its effectiveness and unique properties that empower companies to take their marketing to a whole new level....
Get more views

10 Ways to Get More Views on Your Videos

What's the secret to getting views on YouTube? These ten easy steps will teach you how to optimize your content to get more views and build an audience. 1. Add Attention-Grabbing Titles In the same way we judge...
programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising & Its Impact on Video Marketers

Programmatic advertising with video is expected to nab a 75% share of digital video advertising in the US by 2018. In fact, 2016 showed a 39% increase from the previous year. What is programmatic...
video seo

Everything You Need to Know About Video SEO

Cisco calculated that video will take up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019. In light of that trend, businesses must know the ins and outs of video SEO to see growth and success in this...
skype business meeting

7 Steps to Hosting a Successful Skype Business Meeting

A Skype business meeting make every company get-together a breeze. No longer do you have to coordinate locations and potentially leave out employees who can't make it. Your company meetings can be as flexible as you...

The Ultimate Guide To Event Video Marketing

An effective event video marketing strategy will increase the sales of most any product on the Internet. Using online video to promote an event is fast becoming the highly preferred instrument in the experiential marketing domain. Event promotion,...
event live streaming

8 Event Live Streaming Ideas to Nail Internet Marketing

The last couple of years have been all about YouTube celebrities and their rise to fame. In fact, we got so accustomed to video, we almost didn't realize that a new phenomenon had taken over the...
red bull video

Red Bull: The Most Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

Red Bull energy drink has never had a successful advertising campaign in the conventional sense of the word. But this brand is one of a few super-brands in the world. The main achievement of their company...