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How to Launch a YouTube Channel for Your Startup Business

Video marketing is on the rise ever since and became a powerful tool in propagating your content and brand exposure. Those YouTube channel and viral videos exploded the internet with millions of views, shares,...
video marketing

15 Statistics for Why You Should Use Video Marketing Today

Starting a video marketing endeavor for your business may sound risky, expensive, or just not worth it. But, actually, social media marketing and other online video marketing practices may be the best move your...
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How To Make Your Facebook Ads Stand Out

With video content taking over the marketing world, it's essential for you to shape your advertising strategy accordingly. Since the majority of businesses don't only have a presence on Facebook, but are also using the website as...
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6 Tips for Creating Video Titles That Go Viral

Knowing how to create a viral video is impossible unless you have the right title. Do you think "Charlie Bit My Finger" would have been as memorable if it were named "Baby Bites Brother's...
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How Video Testimonials Can Boost Your Sales

Imagine seeing someone eating an ice cream on a hot summer day. Now imagine seeing a picture of this - looks nice, right? Not as nice as looking at a video of someone enjoying a huge...
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The Ultimate Guide for Measuring Video Marketing ROI

Over the last few years, video has become a vital part of content marketing. Everyone’s talking about its effectiveness and unique properties that empower companies to take their marketing to a whole new level....
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5 Crucial Video SEO Tips and Tricks for Better Rankings

It’s predicted that by 2017, 74% of the entire Internet will be video content. Online video is constantly on the rise - generating billions of views every single day on different platforms. It is...
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Snapchat Video Marketing Tips: The Next Step to Social Media Success

Now is the time to take marketing on Snapchat seriously. As businesses are moving toward modern technology for promotion, Snapchat as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular. Snapchat video marketing strategy is the next biggest thing...

6 Vital Keys in Creating a Winning Online Video Strategy

We all know that online video strategy became the top method in promoting your brand and establishing your presence in the digital marketing world. We've heard how the viral videos became trending and drove millions...
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5 Brilliant Video Branding Strategies For Your Business

Branding videos is one of the smartest marketing decisions you can make. Brand video production is so essential because video branding leaves a mark on each one of your videos. When your audience sees...