Holiday photos

Holiday Photos: How to Capture the Christmas Cheer

  Holiday Photos: How to Capture the Christmas Cheer Holiday photos are the perfect way to cherish your most memorable Christmas experiences. The joy of the holiday season, the Christmas lights and decorations, and time with...

6 Viral Video Ideas to Make Money out of Trump’s Win

Ever wondered how to make money on YouTube? Well, nothing has spawned as many viral video ideas at one time than the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. However, now that the elections are over, a lot of...
internal communication among employees

8 Ways to Rock Your Internal Communication with Video

A great internal communication strategy is key for any brand to succeed. Though other forms of internal communication in an organization may boost community at the workplace, using a video to improve internal communication stands out. Video is a potent tool...
Black History Month

18 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month This Year with Video

People of all races come together annually for Black History Month observance. However, coming up with Black History Month celebration ideas can be a challenge for some people. Video offers an engaging online setting that...
live streaming

Live Streaming Video Ideas for Your Business

Live streaming is one of the newer innovative video marketing tools. Especially relevant is the fact that it can be an indispensable method of development for almost any business. In addition, potential customers can...
branded video story

Top 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Brand With Video Storytelling

How can you target your audience to get noticed? How do you develop a branded video story to grab attention? Although your branded content storytelling is in place, it can go no further without your...
Travel Video

3 Benefits of Creating Professional Travel Videos

Everybody likes to travel. You get to meet new people, visit amazing places and have a great time, filled with wonderful memories. Moreover, having pictures and travel videos from the places you visited helps...
leverage the power of subtitles

Why Multilingual Subtitles and Captions Expand Your Video’s Reach

Online marketers use a wide range of tactics to increase their videos' SEO and to empower their videos' success. Despite the increasing number of video streaming platforms that exist today, YouTube remains the second...

Mobile Video Advertising On the Rise – Act Now

According to Business Insider, mobile video advertising trends will experience immense growth in the next five years. Mobile video ad revenue will most likely exceed the revenue from desktop Internet video. Widespread advertising via mobile...
super bowl commercials

Which Year Had the Best Super Bowl Commercials?

Super Bowl commercials have been around for decades now, and it seems like with every passing year, the commercials get more and more media attention. Super Bowl commercials 2017 have reminded us of ads in...