Top 10 Business Video Content Ideas For Small Businesses

business video content ideas

It is long known that most organizations are venturing on business videos to boost their business’ success. They’ve invested thousands, or even millions of money just to create the most viral and effective business video.

But what about those small businesses who don’t have a substantial amount of money to invest in videos? Does that mean they cannot create a powerful video to promote their business? Is it too late for them?

Fortunately, we’re here to deliver the great news to you! You don’t need to spend a hefty amount of payment just to create the powerful video you’ve been dreaming of!

We present to you the top 10 business video content ideas to promote your brand online.

1. Educational Videos

If you want to market your products effectively, you need to educate them about the product or services you’re offering. Don’t approach your audience with a heavily “sales-talk” approach.

You need to maintain a neutral voice or unbiased approach throughout your whole business video as you give the essential and useful details about your brand.

They will most likely purchase and patronize your products as they see you as a “reliable and trusted” source of information.

2. Behind the Scenes and Bloopers Videos

Aside from giving a professional business video to your audience, you also need to incorporate some personal touch with it. Be up close and personal to your audience when establishing connections with them.

And one way of doing that is by making a behind the scene and bloopers video. This will let your audience learn about your company’s core values and operations, as well as the bonding between your employees.

3. How-To Videos

Some business like hotels and restaurants, fitness, and the like can take advantage of how-to videos and demonstrate how to make or prepare a delectable recipe. Other business can also be creative in making their how to videos.

4. Video Recap of Industry News

You can create a weekly video discussing the latest events and updates related to your industry. Bear in mind that you must not discuss anything that relates to your company or brand here.

video content

This video recap will help you build your reputation and position in your targeted industry.

5. Interview videos

One of the greatest ways in establishing a professional business network is by partnering with influential people in your industry. Interviewing with influencers lets your audience know you’re legitimate and an expert in your industry. It will also help establish your value and credibility among the audience.

6. Product Reviews

Product reviews are vital to your business success. These genuine and unbiased stories are the keys to influencing a customer’s purchasing decision.

In fact, Google reports that 1 in every 4 shoppers admitted that online videos became the main source of gift ideas and 32% of them relies on product review videos before purchasing.

7. Live Videos

Live videos are becoming a hype as it dominates the digital marketing industry. As the technology of streaming continues to advance, our Social Media giants are also venturing in live streaming to further boost traffics and increase audience reach.

GoPro and Periscope Integration: The Future of Video Live-Streaming!

Twitter’s Periscope app reached 10 million users in just four months, with an estimated 1 million users streaming the app in just 10 days! Take advantage of this technology to promote your business!

8. Vlogging videos

Nowadays, the audience’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter that it became a challenge for us to keep them interested. But Vlogging proved to be an efficient way in interacting with your audience and keeping them at bay.

Vlogging 101: Benefits Of Adding Video To Your Website

Instead of creating lengthy blog articles, start creating a video blog and distribute your content in this powerful medium.

9. Expert Q and A Videos

Address the frequently asked questions raised by your customers and answer them efficiently. Provide them the answers and information they need in order to solve their problems to boost your customer’s satisfaction rates.

10. Remarket Content into Videos

Do you have contents published before that needs an extra boost? Videos are the perfect way in repurposing these contents and increase your rankings in the search engine.

Now that you’ve got a whole new bunch of ideas to boost your video marketing efforts, it is time for you to create a visually appealing and professional video within your allotted budget. We, at Valoso, can help you with that.

You can post your video project requirements on our website at absolutely no cost and receive bids from our international pool of video editors and hire the qualified one to do the video editing for you.

We believe creating a professional video to promote your business shouldn’t be costly.