How to Use Online Video in Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

black friday marketing

It’s no secret that video marketing can have an incredible impact on any business. Even though you might only look to social media or email for your upcoming Black Friday marketing strategy, adding video to your campaign is a must. Black Friday 2016 is a big day, and you have to make your business stand out from the flood of Black Friday ads sweeping the Internet. Even if you are just starting out with video marketing, you can still rock your campaign by following the Black Friday marketing tips below.

Creative Ideas for Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

When it comes to video marketing, creativity is everything. The Internet is teeming with Black Friday sales, and if you do not add some personality and excitement to your deals, you are practically digging a grave for your campaign. Let’s look at some of the do’s and don’ts of successful Black Friday online marketing.

Start Early

Most shoppers start thinking about the holidays in September or October. So do not wait until midway through November to get customers excited for your Black Friday specials. You can consider offering deals throughout the whole month of November, as well. But this may cheapen the value of your anticipated specials.

Go Beyond Sales

Good deals do not have to be just about the money. In other words, your Black Friday marketing campaign should focus on branding. Make Black Friday an event, not just a coupon code. Offer other unique specials on Black Friday such as having twice as many customer service reps on your website. You could also offer free hot chocolate and cookies at your office, or an exclusive live streaming event.

Keep It Short

Your Black Friday promo video should not take too long to express its message. Even if you want to include a story or a humorous sketch or other contribution in your video, keeping the plot short will motivate more people to watch it. You can even offer a very short, teaser clip if you plan on producing a longer video. No matter what, make sure your video offers value to your viewer. Keep them hooked until the end!

Learn From the Best

The best way to learn is by example, and your business can gain a lot of interesting Black Friday marketing ideas simply by watching the Black Friday videos of successful brands. Video marketing is becoming increasingly relevant among brands of all shapes and sizes, so you shouldn’t have any trouble researching the best Black Friday marketing approaches of 2016.

How to Promote Your Black Friday Videos

black friday marketing

Once your video is created, it is time to start promoting your video for the upcoming consumer holiday. No matter what kind of exciting message your video shares, it will mean nothing if no one watches it. Internet and mobile marketing for Black Friday can be a challenge with all the competition, but as long as you approach it right, you can find success among your target audience.

Email Marketing

If you have built up an email subscription base, construct an alluring email including your Black Friday video and share it with them. Instead of telling your subscribers about the deal in the email, tell them to watch the video to learn about the deal. You might want to give them a hint as to what your business has in store, so they will for sure be compelled to check out the video.

Social Media

Social media is a broad category, so don’t expect a comprehensive guide within the next few sentences. Contrary to what people may think, videos can be promoted on every social media out there. Include a link or directly upload your Black Friday clip to every single one of your social networks to get the word out. Get involved with your followers on social media. Ask for their feedback on the video and encourage comments talking as to their excitement about your upcoming Black Friday sale.

Website and Blog

This step is crucial since not all of your target audience follows you on social media or subscribes to your newsletter. Post your Black Friday video on your website or blog and encourage visitors to take a look at it. You can even consider adding the seasonal video to your landing page so newcomers will be encouraged to stick around for the Black Friday deals.


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