Top 10 Best Adverts of 2016: Valoso’s Version

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2016 turned out to be very eventful for video marketers: there was a unprecedented amount of viral advertisements. But we believe that the number of views is not the most important criterion for the selection of the year’s best adverts. The idea and its implementation – these are the most important factors in advertising success. A commercial should be remembered, it should evoke emotions and create a positive attitude towards the brand. If the video does not have these features, no celebrity or special effects will allow you to create that memorable advertisement. Therefore, Valoso presents its own compelling TOP 10 Best Adverts of 2016 without relying on boring YouTube ratings.

10. Rule Yourself by Under Armour

According to many advertising agencies, this clip is the best advertisement of 2016. But there were plenty of similar sports commercials this year, and in most of them, marketers used famous champions. This video is not an exception: it does not provide anything new. If we replaced Michael Phelps with an ordinary swimmer, the ad would be an empty shell. We put this commercial in 10th place thanks to the brilliant videography and respect for Phelps.

9. A Priest and Imam by Amazon

Two old friends meet for a cup of tea and discover they share a problem. This heartwarming advert not only advertises the Amazon Prime Service, but also teaches one of the most important things in life – friendship and caring for our loved ones.

8. Christmas TV Ad by Waitrose

A touching story of a little bird who flew across the ocean and faced many difficulties in order to reach the cupkakes that were left by children. Fine and sensual idea creation and awesome music uplifts make this ad stand out, and gives the little bird gives new strength!

7. The Piccards by Hennesy V.S.

In 1931, Auguste Piccard, for the first time in the history, reached the stratosphere. In 1960, his son Jacques for the first time dropped to the deepest point of the ocean. This amazing idea for beverage advertising was used by Hennessy. This commercial is worthy of your watching and 7th place in our rating of the best adverts.

6. Silver Skaters by Rekordelig Cider

Watch this superbly creative advertising video. It combines brilliant singing, figure skating, beautiful Swedish landscapes, humor, and of course… Rekordelig Cider! This ad has won the Yellow Pencil at the UK’s D&AD Awards this year. It is noteworthy that the singer in this video is the real coach of these two brother-skaters and he is an avid singer as well!

Note: this is 2015 version, but advertisers used 30-seconds version of this advert in 2016

5. Nike Presents Da Da Ding

Sports in India is a big problem, especially for women. This commercial is aimed at increasing the awareness of society to this challenge. The combination of women’s beauty, sports, rhythmic music, professional videography, and of course, an excellent advertising idea, encourages the viewer to just do it!

4. Portraits by Jeep

The popular car manufacturer decided to use… history. As it turned out, Jeep vehicles served as transport for kings and queens, the most reliable vehicles during the war, and well traveled addition to movie sets and scenic images. Pleasant voices and exciting photos make you want to watch this ad again and again. Truly one of 2016’s best adverts.

3. Christmas Advert by John Lewis

This is one of the most popular commercials of the outgoing year. The story of a little girl who dreams of her own trampoline. Parents decided to give it to her for Christmas, but suddenly they noticed that their daughter is not the only one who loves to jump… The creative and catchy idea, great music, and the cutest animals placed this ad at a well-deserved 3rd place.

2. Duel by Audi

Audi has created a lot of good adverts this year, but this one is especially intriguing. Man and woman are fighting against each other in the hotel. Breathtaking choreography, excellent stunts, masterfully hidden political context, and the main idea – a video was made entirely in reverse! Audi spared neither efforts nor time, and as a result, they got one of the best advertisements in history of the manufacturer. A worthy 2nd place.

1. Come Together by H&M

Finally, we come to the 1st place award that rightfully belongs to this brilliant ad. H&M invited Adrien Brody for the role of a train conductor, who decided to celebrate the New Year right in the train restaurant! Creative just rolls over, the idea and its implementation, coupled with outstanding acting by Brody, put this commercial at the TOP of our ratings of the best adverts. Watch it and show it to all your friends and relatives on the New Year’s and Christmas Eve!

Image Credit: The Big Idea Blog

You’ve now seen the best adverts of the outgoing year. I took into account the large number of criteria (including creativity, the idea and its implementation, the ability to be remembered, and so on). I hope that you are convinced that the number of views on YouTube is not the only deciding factor in a top quality ad. To learn more about creating a engaging and memorable video ad for your business, register on our blog, where you can find tips, tricks, and guidelines regarding the creative video ideas, video shooting and editing.